Monday, November 25, 2019

Paano Kumita sa YouTube? My 3rd YouTube Earnings Sweldo (Kinabahan ako s...

This is the first time I felt nervous upon waiting for my paycheck from Google that provides payments for YouTube Vloggers and Blogger publishers. As a vlogger and a blogger, it is a challenge to wait for several days and start to feel the agony of waiting for the payments from your month-long of hard work in vlogging and blogging. Waiting for your paycheck is like you are in a stop-watch action, starting to feel the agony that you might wait for nothing.

After the fourth day after lunchtime, the feeling of sorrow suddenly began to fade as I saw the mail from Google. Gladly, the mail is a payment notification, stating the availability of my earning pay-out. I immediately felt ecstatic because I can finally taste the fruit of my labor for months of vlogging and blogging as well. I became super excited because I can finally manage my own earnings. After a few moments, I geared up with my outdoor clothes and enjoy the rest of the day.

My 3rd Youtube Sweldo

On the vlog, it is obvious it is my third payout from both of my channels on YouTube for the month of November. Since September, both my two channels start to produce the milk of my success from months of successive vlogging for almost every day. As soon as I am now working with my vlogs, I am so thankful for the blessings that these two channels are now going through because it made me feel happier. It is now for you to guess how much I earned in that particular vlog because I intentionally did not mention it.

How to earn money on Youtube?

1. You must create a Gmail account. Just register to and then start filling up everything required.

2. Start to log in to and then click on the Gear Icon and then the create channel option.

3. Think about the right name for your channel in either two to five words.

4. Upload a picture on your YouTube, making sure it is you in the profile.

5. Start Uploading videos that are between four to five minutes.

6. When you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, your channel will be subjected to review.
- The review team will check the authenticity of your photos, videos, the title, and description of your videos and will get back to you soon as they are done with the review process.

7. Once your channel is now approved for monetization, you may now start earning from your videos.


The vlog stating my third salary is a testament to the success that I made in vlogging. As a piece of brief advice, always upload videos coming from your phone or any camera, showing your activities in daily life. Be natural in the way the videos represent the real identity and activity of the owner and not other individuals. Accept who you are when deciding to vlog because self-adaptation is the key to become successful in your life.