Tuesday, May 21, 2019

How to make a Tasty Pinoy Ginataan Recipe

The Philippines is rich in natural resources such as coconuts as one of the main sources of food supply. The coconut tree is so abundant across the archipelago that made its inhabitants create numerous versions of coconut-derived recipes. People wouldn't notice that several Filipino recipes contain coconut ingredients. Examples are Bicol express, Binakol, rice cake derivatives, pastries, and other desert varieties. One major interesting Pinoy snack is Ginataan, which is the Tagalog term for mixed fruits in coconut milk.

From the word gata or coconut milk, Ginataan is a famous Pinoy Food made up of different variants of fruits and root crops in a coconut milk base. When you mix all the ingredients all together, you will enjoy tasting a sweet delight that is different from other parts of the world. The enzymes that the ingredients release makes a different sweet flavor that is good for the health. Aside from having a tasty meal, there are beneficial effects that this snack can offer to anyone who wants to taste Ginataan.

Description of Ginataan

Ginataan is a delightful snack that everyone in the Philippines love to eat while spending their time with their loved ones. The most common appearance of this delicious food is white in color due to the thick presence of the coconut milk. The whitish color indicates the natural color of the coconut milk and other milk derivatives of the snack. One of the most interesting features of this snack is that you can see small specs of coconuts within that sweet soupy snack that you can feel it in your tongue whenever you make a spoonful meal.


  • 1 cup of Coconut milk or scrape the meat of two Coconuts
  • 2 cups of Banana cuts
  • 2 cups of Sweet potato cuts
  • 2 cups of Glutinous rice (Tapioca)
  • 1 cup of corn kernel
  • 8 cups of Water
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
Alternative or Additional ingredients:
  • 2 cups of Cassava chops
  • 2 cups of Ube (Purple Yam) Chops 
  • 1 cup of Sago (small mealy pith)
  • 1 cup of Coconut meat
  • half cup of evaporated milk
  • half cup of condensed milk
  • Always wash your hands before starting the procedure. 
  • Using the traditional method, scrape the two coconuts using the electric coconut scraper
  • Extract the juice of the scrapped coconut and then place it in a container, preferably in a drinking glass, a cup, or small bowl.
  • Chop the banana and other root crops (sweet potato, banana, cassava, etc.).
  • Make at least small balls of glutinous rice like the size of small marbles until filling it in 2 cups.
  • Boil the sago until they expand in a small container for at least 30 minutes. 
  • Using another pot, start to pour 8 cups of water and wait for 20 minutes until it starts to boil. 
  • When the water starts to boil, mix the coconut milk until it reboils. 
  • Start to pour the 2 cups of chopped sweet potatoes or the cassava into the pot and wait for five minutes. 
  • Pour the rest of the ingredients (banana, balls of glutinous rice, purple yam, corn kernels and the sago) and then simmer it for ten minutes. 
  • Pour 1 cup of sugar then mix it thoroughly. 
  • Simmer it again for another ten minutes until all the ingredients naturally mix together. 
  • Then you may now serve and enjoy it with your company. Enjoy!
*Some people make this snack as their breakfast every morning or as their evening diet routine. This depends on how the person balances their diet in their own unique way. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

ASMR BUKEL WITH WATWAT | Mukbang tayo ng Beans with Pork Stew

Have you heard about Watwat? Probably not, especially if you are not from the Cordillera region and nearby areas where they are aware of this sumptuous dish. This region in the Philippines loves this delicacy because it is tasty and easily satisfy your palate. For me as a Cordilleran, we love this food because there are multiple ingredients that you can add in this type of recipe. Apart from that, it is a food that you can take pride to represent your culture to other parts of the Philippines or even to other countries.

Wat wat alone is boiled pork meat from a newly butchered livestock product. The newly butchered meat can be from either pork or a beef derivative. When you are preparing either pork or a beef-based dish, watwat is one of the best ingredients that you can add to your existing recipe. As you may know, food is already boiled and ready to eat. If a person can no longer control their hunger, they can just devour the food after looking for a place to sit and enjoy their meal.

The Bukel Recipe

Let's talk about this food that I just prepared and cooked. This is a soupy dish or a stew that contains watwat or boiled stew and kidney beans. In our place, we literally call this dish "bukel" and it is one of the most delightful recipes here in Cordillera region and nearby areas. However, other places in the Philippines have similar preparations but different names because of cultural uniqueness across the archipelago. The only thing about this dish is that it can always fill your tummy with a satisfied palate.

The taste of this recipe is more of a garlicky or a slight salt in taste. The best part of this dish is its ability to replenish your body with fluids. That is why most people recommend this dish during the cold months because most of the Cordillera is living in a cool climate. Feasting on a meal with a bowl of hot soup on it relieves yourself from a cold environment. No wonder this dish is popular during the cold months from November to March. Bukel is also popular during the rainy season where people always look for a soupy dish.


  • 1 kilo of Bukel or Kidney beans (any variety in red, black, or white).
  • 1 kilo of watwat (boiled pork).
  • 6 cloves of garlic for mincing into smaller pieces. 
  • 1 bulb of onion to chop. 
  • 1 teaspoon of ground pepper
  • 1 pork cube
  • 8 cups of water
  • 5 pcs of onion springs or scallions
*Optional: Some add the following ingredient, but not necessary:
  • vinegar to further improve the flavor.
  • Laurel Leaves or bay leaf.
  • sugar or honey for a sweeter taste.
  • chili for a spicy flavor (However, not all want spicy flavor)
  • olive oil 
  • sesame oil

* You can either use the traditional pot, electric pot, or clay pot, depending on your preference while cooking this recipe. 
* Depending on the size or the number of people who will consume the dish, you might either add or limit the volume or the serving size of your recipe. 
* Some prefer fresh meat and fry it rather than directly adding it into the boiling pot. 

  • Pour 8 cups of water into the pot and boil it for two hours until the beans expand.
  • While boiling the beans, chop the watwat or the boiled pork into small cubes or any shape according to your preference and begin to chop the onion, mince the spring onions and garlic cloves into smaller pieces. 
  • If you prefer fresh pork meat, chop it into smaller pieces and then fry it before mixing it in the boiling pot. 
  • When the beans expand, it is time to mix the other ingredients together with such as the watwat, onions, spring onions, garlic, and pepper and wait for 15 minutes. 
  • Add 1 pork cube for a better flavor. 
  • Wait another 15 minutes until all the ingredients release their natural flavor and allow each main ingredients to absorb its natural taste. 
  • Once cooked, you may now serve it in a bowl and enjoy your feast. 
  • You can make a separate chili sauce for dipping the food before consuming it. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

EFFECTIVE FACE BRIGHTENER | Impressive Green Tea Wash-Off Facial Mask + Unpacking Gifts

This blog is all about using Green Tea Wash Off Facial Mask. It is a conventional face mask that makes your skin looks supple and fresher throughout the day after using this item. The product seems to appear just an ordinary mask in your face but it seriously brings a significant effect. The main concentration of the vlog starts in the middle where I presented the actual application of the product after claiming some of my package at the post office in our place. The other half of the video above is all about unpacking gifts. These are two keychains and three shirts from Singapore. Thank you Tim & Vena.

At first, I was sketchy about the product because it is new and there are a few or even no reviews that I can find online. Upon searching for many times, I found out from several testimonials in retailing websites about this exact product that I have at home. Upon using my personal scrutiny about the product, I noticed that everyone is talking about the positive effects of the products on their skin. Meaning, there is a promising result that the product can apply to your face as you do it on a regular basis. Out of curiosity, I manage to try it several times and the results became promising on my face in just a few days.

Beneficial effects of Green Tea Wash Off Face Mask

1. Brightens my face: One major impact that this product can do to your face is to make it look brighter. As you can see, your face becomes brighter as the compounds and essential ingredients in the wash off face mask eliminates all impurities in your face. The contents responsible for brightening your face are the tea tree oil that relaxes and then eliminates existing histamine and prostaglandin. The presence of vitamins C and E improves the elastin and collagen compounds in the skin that makes your face look brighter.

2. Cleanses your face: The mask washes off all impurities in your face that are causing risks for infection or allergic reaction. Upon washing off, it will eliminate all impurities that are unwanted compounds settled in your face. The surface of your skin experiences exposure to the outside environment that receives multiple foreign bodies that are responsible for causing irritation to the skin's surface whenever they begin to settle.

3. Nourishes your skin: Talking about the essential ingredients of the wash off face mask, there are several considerations. The first is the green tea oil that reduces the presence of allergens that causes inflammatory responses to your face. The essential vitamins and minerals such as the presence of Vitamin C and E help the skin cells to become more radiant and healthy by means of strengthening its connective tissue permeability. Zinc allows the skin and the white blood cells inside it to reduce the number of infectious agents that risks the skin for accumulating infection.


  • Wash your face thoroughly with warm water to open the pores.
  • Rinse it with bath soap to eliminate dead cells and impurities.
  • Dry your face with a face towel.
  • You may now apply the wash-off face mask by pushing a little like a pinch size into your hands then spread the product all over your face and upper neck. 
  • Leave it dry for 15 minutes. 
  • Wash your face with cold water to close the pores and rinse all the product from the face. 
  • Apply your favorite moisturizer. 
  • Never apply the product to an open wound in your face.
  • Do not apply the product if you are having a severe allergy in some parts of your face.
  • If intense irritation occurs, wash your face immediately and consult your doctor.
  • Always close the cap of the product to prevent it from evaporating. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Why Benguet is one of the most Peaceful Provinces in the Philippines during Election?

As a citizen of the Philippines, 2019 midterm elections is my second time to cast my vote. The night before the election, all I know was to wake up early at 5 in the morning to anticipate myself on getting early to cast my vote. When I woke up on that day, I just heard the news that the duration or the timeline of the voting period starts at 6 in the morning until 6 in the evening. To my surprise, I immediately took my breakfast and then anticipated my morning routine before going straight ahead to the voting area.

When I knew about the changes in the time of the voting period, I am totally amazed. This is the first time that the country decided to expand the voting period for a certain election day. Usually, the duration for the voting period on the election day only starts from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. After the voting period, the poll watchers and officiating personnel will start counting the votes at 3 am. In this election time, the tallying of votes starts at 6 in the evening, which is really different.


First of all, some may think the Philippine politics is one of the most unique in the world. The display of foreign media about the situation in the Philippines during elections are merely bloody with some areas that experience chaos. However, the security forces across the archipelago are doing their best to contain all negative and suspicious elements to ensure public safety. Here in Benguet, having a peaceful election is a combination of public discipline and the security force's consistency in ensuring good governance in a peaceful manner makes the province a role model to other areas in the country.

I am very blessed to say that I live in an area wherein there are no intense conflicts brought about by election-related violence. I live in the province of Benguet wherein people are very disciplined and responsible enough to choose their candidates without involving into suspicious or illegal activities. Even during the election campaign period, the number of violence or election-related offenses are relatively low as compared to other provinces in the Philippines.

Another interesting thing that visitors or travelers can observe while visiting the Benguet province during election day is the discipline in disposing of wastes. I observe lesser sample ballots scattered across the streets as I am on my way towards the voting precinct where I will cast my vote. The only thing I saw was the display of electoral tarpaulin in some private areas where candidates for a public seat can display their presence to the public's eye.

The most eye-catching are the public officials and candidates who were present at the voting precincts. If you are either a local or a foreign tourist visiting our province, you will just presume the person in front is just an ordinary citizen. Little did you know that this is how humble public officials or aspiring local government servant portray themselves to the public. They do not have a bodyguard accompanying them just like a superstar celebrity in televisions attending a special event.

I am happy to show my solidarity to the country by exercising my right to vote. After casting my right, an indelible ink shaded my right index finger as a trophy for my participation in 2019 midterm elections in the Philippines.

Friday, May 10, 2019

WOW | My First Impression of Collagen Moisturizing and Firming Toner by Watson's

Many thought that Collagen by Watson's Moisturizing and Firming Toner is already out of stock, think again. Months after the release of this product with another release of a new set of versions, I attempted another try to purchase this product online and I succeeded. I became excited because I can finally try a product and will share it with you guys. I just want to thank the retailer or the seller online where I bought the item because this person made my dream come true.

Featuring Watson's collagen Moisturizing and Firming Toner, which is probably one of the most interesting toners you can use. The product is still available in the market, specifically through online retail websites. Not all stores display this product due to the increase in the demand not only in the Philippines but around the world. No wonder many are in despair whenever the sales personnel says it is out of stock at physical stores. But many are not aware that this product is available online when they try to check out at retail websites.

Benefits of Collagen Moisturizing and Firming Toner

1. Firms my skin: Upon applying the toner and waited for at least 30 minutes, there is a firmness that you can feel beneath your skin. This is what I really love about the product. It makes your pores look firmer and appealing after using it. The firmness in your skin makes you look younger as you are going to apply this product on a regular basis. The firmness that you can feel in your face after applying the toner will make you feel fresh and more confident.

2. Moisturizes: When you hear the word toner, you will immediately presume that it can make your skin dry after you apply it. However, this toner is different. After applying it into your face, you will never feel any dryness right after you apply it. What I love about this toner is that it does not contain any alcohol as a solution or ingredient in this toner. There is no strong odor that you can observe in your face because the ingredients are made of pure organic materials that do not cause any harmful effect on your face.

3. Brightens: After using the toner, you will observe that your face appears brighter. Make sure to use the toner on a regular basis to feel the best results. Perhaps one week is already enough for you to feel the full effects of the toner. Keep in mind that it is always important to use the toner at least twice a day for a better result after one week. I noticed that when your face is clear from impurities, the natural glow of your skin color will bloom that makes you look brighter when you go outdoors. When your skin looks clearer, it will show its natural appeal that makes it several tones fairer than your previous tone.

4. Hygienic: Using toner indicates that you care for your skin on a daily basis. The importance of observing personal hygiene makes you look neat and presentable to other people, especially when meeting them. The exposure of our face to outside environment attracts multiple impurities that cause contamination. When the face becomes contaminated with different infectious agents, it will start to clog pores that might soon become a precursor for developing pimples and inflammation.

I definitely recommend this product because I know it can bring beneficial impacts to those who want to apply the product to improve their skin.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

MUKBANG AND ASMR | Heavenly taste of Ilocos Special Empanada with Basi

The Ilocos region has one of the most unique culinary styles in the Philippines that you can enjoy. One of my favorite Ilocano food is Special Empanada. Ilocano recreated their way of generating another version of empanada that suits their culinary culture. When I see this Ilocos empanada, I always obey my hunger and then buy it. Then the next thing to do is to devour this sumptuous snack that can be also made as a meal for the day. I am so excited to share you this special treat that you will also want to try it.

The Spanish colonizers during the colonial era introduced empanada to the Philippines. The pastry has meat and vegetable combination fillings inside that makes it tasty inside your palate whenever you have a bite on it. The Ilocanos then recreated their version to make a unique way of making a distinct dish or a snack that promotes the Ilocano culture. With over 300 years of colonization in the Philippines, Ilokanos already recreated their version of empanadas and this one special snack is the result of their adaptation.

Why I love Special Empanada of Ilocos?

1. It has Vigan Sausage: The most important thing that I love about Ilocos' special empanada is the Vigan sausage inside. This is a kind of a garlic-flavored sausage that really tickles my palate for each bite. This type of sausage is only available in the Ilocos and here in our place where there are some vendors who can create this type of sausage. The fusion of Vigan sausage with other ingredients makes it unique and mouth-watering to taste.

2. Tasty Green Papaya: Are you wondering what are those white stripes inside the fillings of the Special Empanada of Ilocos? Well, that is the green papaya and it actually tastes good for me. I really love how this pastry makes my mouth water whenever I see there is a healthy ingredient. Green papaya is rich in fiber and nutrients to keep my digestive system and skin to look clear. Green papaya is not only for desserts, cakes, or appetizers but also as a form of fillings inside special empanadas of the Ilocanos.

3. Contains egg: One interesting insight of Ilocano special empanada is the use of fresh egg. You will definitely taste the egg white and the yolk when you begin to consume this pastry. The egg white is full of protein to help your body repair fibrous connective tissues and smooth muscle filaments inside your body. The cook will just add one fresh egg and then wrap the fresh empanada and then soak it in a pot with boiling oil.

4. Basi Vinegar: Another tasty reason why I love empanada is the infusion of Basi with every bite. This is a fermented vinegar that has a stronger taste than the commercial vinegar that you usually buy in supermarkets or any grocery stores. Every drop of Basi vinegar to the special empanada transforms the taste into an extraordinary flavor that you can easily manage. You will never forget the taste of this snack or pastry after filling some parts in your mouth.

Price ranges between 35 to 50, depending on the vendor or the store that you will approach and buy some. But in Ilocos, it is really everywhere. even some vendors sell Vigan sausage because it is one of the most important ingredients of this product that can always make your mouth drool.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

FINAL REVIEW | After taking Myra Ultimate with Poten-Cee Vitamin C and C...

Taking supplements does not cause harm to your body for as long as you are going to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water on a daily basis. As a person who is conscious about health, the significance of considering healthy supplements generates a positive response to your health and body. That is why I opted to try Myra Ultimate and then with Poten-Cee and Collagen. The trio combination supplements relevantly improve the condition of my smooth muscles that makes my skin look more appealing.

Right on the first day, I already feel that there is something good that is happening to my body. As you can see in my vlog or video that I became very optimistic upon taking the supplements. You will always feel that there is something good that can happen to your skin as you are going to make it fresher after using it for at least 10 days. Day after day, you will start noticing that your skin becomes more supple and brighter than the previous days ahead.

My Final Review After 10 Days

1. Better Sleeping Habits: I noticed that my body starts to call myself attention to get enough sleep. When the clock strikes at 10 in the evening, my eyes start to feel sleepy and my level of coherence slowly diminishes. I expected that I often sleep earlier during the entire day than the usual 12 midnight sleeping time. Other than that, I also sleep after lunch, which is at least a few minutes after having my lunch. This means that I always sleep more than the recommended hours of at least 10 to 12 hours a day.

2. Removes blemishes: As soon as I am taking it religiously straight for 10 days, I can feel that my breakouts become lesser and lesser each day. Existing pimple breakouts during the first day noticed some decrease in redness discoloration. Most of my pimple breakouts were unable to reach their full maturity when there is a visible sign of yellowish pus appearance on the face. After using this for at least 10 days, my face looks significantly free from any blemishes that are very dramatic and reliable to your face.

3. Brightens your Face: I am aware that alpha-tocopherol is very effective for removing blemishes and then eventually makes your face appear brighter. When using it with vitamin c, the integration of ascorbic acid to the smooth muscles makes it more immune to diseases that eliminate allergens and infectious agents to affect the integrity of the skin. The application of collagen to the skin is another reason to make your skin looks brighter because collagen improves the perfusion of smooth muscles all over your body.

Major disadvantage: the price of Myra ultimate is generally expensive. This is not your usual practical food supplement because it is way more than the price that you expect. The price costs between Php 27 to 32, depending on the drugstore that you intend to buy this item. This is not practical for students and individuals living in a frugal lifestyle due to the massive amount of price that is not accessible to other individuals.