Wednesday, October 14, 2020


There is one savior for me whenever I am having a set of pimple outbreaks. Collagen Toner by Watsons with Penta Lucent system is the best facial toner that I am optimistic about my face. This toner has the best instant effect on my face, indicating the compatibility on my skin. One thing more, I can feel the freshness upon using this facial toner every after use. There is a feeling of firmness that I believe it can really minimize fine lines around my face and even on my skin.

Collagen Toner by Watsons with Penta Lucent system has five different collagen compounds that are essential to improve the skin's collagen and elastin components. One effect is to firm the face by means of rejuvenating collagen and elastin. The Penta Lucent system aims to eliminate stressed cells responsible for making the face look pale and look darker.

3 Best Tips to eliminate Acne or Pimples and Scars:

1. Wash your face with either your favorite soap or facial cleanser: For best results, it is always essential to use the Collagen Toner with a clean face. Wash your face using any soap or facial cleanser helps to eliminate excess oil, dirt, dead cells, and impurities in your skin. One thing more, washing your face removes harmful bacteria and viruses, responsible for causing infection.

2. Use a base moisturizer right after washing your face: It is important to maintain the moisture of the face after washing with soap. The rationale is to prevent the face and neck from severe dryness that can lead to irritation and discomfort. Base moisturizer restores moisture to the epidermis, which nourishes the cells after washing away all impurities.

3. Apply the toner in a circular motion: After the washing and moisturizing routine took place, it is now time to apply the toner. Use a small amount of cotton to absorb the toner and then begin the circular motion to the face. Start from the frontal area of the face in a circular motion and then around the face. Include the neck and the nape when applying the toner for the best overall results. 

Note: You can apply the toner to your face at least twice a day. For me, I apply once a day before bedtime. My face routine usually takes place before I sleep at night. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Lately, Kween Mother, the matriarch of Cadena family tackles about the Youtube Channel of late vlogger Lloyd Cafe Cadena. In her latest vlog, Kween Mother reiterates they will keep the channel to serve as digital memorabilia for the family, relatives, and to the Cadenators. Kween Mother opted to preserve the digital property of late Lloyed Cadena as it gave a memorable experience to the viewers who relate the scenes from the vlog to their real lives. 

However, in the middle of the discussion gave some viewers chills as they watch how the family decides about the fate of the channel. Starting from the 6'th minute, there are some voices that a viewer with a sharp auditory capacity can hear it. I first watched the latest vlog of Mother Kween to know how will they decide on the fate of Lloyd's channel and noticed some of the babbling words but never did I realize something weirder.

Here are the parts of the video where you can hear voices of Lloyd:
1st:  6:39: "Help"
2nd: 6:45: "Kausapin mko" (talk to me)
3rd:  6:48: "Ma!" (Mom)
4th:  7:22: "Uggh! Nahihirapan nako" (It's difficult for me)

I never thought Kween Mother will make it to the trending topic's list. Fans quickly comment on the clips they heard, where I just indicated above this paragraph, it gave me the chills and courage to rewatch the video. Upon watching, I confirmed two out of four clips where there are strange voices while Kween Mother is talking. 

The most audible voices are the 3rd ("Ma!") and the fourth voice ("Uggh! Nahihirapan nako!"). The first and second voices are hard for me to listen to. However upon replaying it again, I can finally hear the second voice ("Kausapin mko"). But it is really giving me a hard time to hear the first voice, which is "help"!

Upon posting on my Facebook page, which is The Story of Anthony, there are some comments saying the voices were uttered during the time Lloyd was fighting for his life in the hospital. Other comments suggest Lloyd's departure is something that is difficult for him to adjust in the other dimension that he is having a hard time coping with his new environment in the spiritual world. 

Anyhow, I would like to say may Lloyd Cafe Cadena Rest in Peace in his journey to the spiritual world. Condolence to the family and hoping for a brighter endeavor in the next years to come. 

Friday, October 9, 2020


Acne breakout is the worst thing that can happen to your face. Pimple outbreak makes it even worse due to the appearance of papules all around your face. Whenever there is either a pimple or acne breakouts in your face, it affects your mood. The concentration on your daily routine will have a lesser focus due to the appearance of red marks on the face or neck. After having a breakout, the next concern is the appearance of dark scars. 

I bought Pond's BB cream, thinking that it can really hide visible acne and pimple breakouts. That is my main purpose why I buy bb cream and foundation to use it whenever going out during the daytime. Good thing Watson's offer this product that seeks to help individuals gain their confidence back even if they are having pimple outbreaks. I decided to choose Pond's age miracle BB+ Anti Aging BB cream. This cream seems better than the regular bb cream.

Back Story: One month ago before purchasing Pond's anti-aging BB cream, I went to Watsons and purchased their latest rejuvenating set. The price is worth Php 800 and my money got short to purchase this product. So I have to leave behind Pond's age miracle anti-aging BB cream to purchase on the next month, which I already have it now and made a review. 

Upon applying the cream, it gives an instant coverage on your face, hiding pimples and scars. One thing more is the cream's ability to hide fine lines such as wrinkles. The ingredients help to restore your skin's youthful balance due to the presence of zinc oxide, niacinamide, and linoleic acid. 

The Box contents:
  • Makeup brush: One good thing about purchasing this product is the free brush. This brush is ideal for applying face powder on top of the bb cream in your face and neck. The brush has fine strokes when you apply additional dry powder.
  • Bb cream: The main product. It contains an anti-aging ingredient that is suitable to make you look younger than your age. Upon applying the cream on my face, it can really make a difference between before and after photos on the thumbnail. 
Price: At Watsons Store, you can avail of the product for just Php 499 or roughly 500. If you prefer purchasing online, you should expect a higher value due to the courier fee and another fee for the delivery.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020


If there is one coffee we should try, this would be Mx3 Coffee Mix. Why? it contains some of the most essential nutrients that help to boost our immunity. This is an instant coffee mix that contains a mixture of coffee, sugar, and non-acidic milk powder or creamer. One good thing is the taste, which is not so sweet and does not have a single sign of bitterness in your mouth upon each sip of the coffee. This is a coffee mix that is perfect for your everyday routine during meals or snacks. 

Mx3 is one of the most promising drinks everyone should try. It contains potent nutrients that aim to strengthen the immune system. Coffee lovers will have another reason to enjoy this drink because it helps to relieve stress while sipping each drop. The good thing about this product is its ability to prevent acute and chronic ailments that hampers the physiological and mental integrity of a person. 

Beneficial ingredients of Mx3:

1. Garcinia Mangostana: This is the most potent ingredient of the drink. As an effective antioxidant, it helps to neutralize free radicals, responsible for causing neoplasms in the body. The anti-oxidant effects of mangosteen reduce the risk of developing cancer in the body. The detoxifying effects of this ingredient help to lower cholesterol, responsible for preventing heart diseases, stroke, and cardiovascular ailments. 

2. Vitamin C: In the form of ascorbic acid, this is the most important nutrient in our body for defending against pathogens. The presence of virus, bacteria, fungi, and parasites are responsible for causing diseases in our body. One of the most dangerous viruses that are causing a total lockdown in all parts of the world is the Sars-Cov2 responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic in the world. Vitamin C prevents our body to become vulnerable to contracting pathogens. 

3. Calcium: Another interesting component of this drink is the presence of calcium molecules. Calcium is responsible for helping the body on strengthening the bone cells. Having a regular intake of essential calcium in the body strengthens the bone and teeth. Calcium helps prevent osteoporosis and other bone diseases that change the posture of the body when walking or standing upright. 

Mx3 instant coffee mix is available at your nearest drugstores, pharmacies, or local botika. There are online sellers offering similar products in various online selling stores. The price per sachet ranges from Php 15 to 20 and per box is between Php 170 and above, depending on the seller. 

Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

Monday, October 5, 2020


Skin Reborn Rejuvenating Set is one of the newest rejuvenating sets you can find in the market. This product is locally made in the Philippines, highlighting the genes of Filipino skin from local dermatologists and chemists. One interesting thing is the use of Kojic Acid as a powerful ingredient that is suitable for making the skin looking more radiant. Here are the components of Skin Reborn Rejuvenating Set:

Each Set Contains the Following:
  • Kojic Acid Papaya Soap: Best to remove dirt in your face and body while the kojic acid and other ingredients provide a brighter effect on the skin.
  • Cleansing Toner: The perfect solution to clear out hidden oil and dirt in the face and neck.
  • Rejuvenating Cream: Contains essential nutrients that soothe the first and second layers of the skin while moisturizing and repairing collagen and elastin compounds. 
  • Sunblock: It has SPF 30 protection against the harmful UVA and UVB from the Sun.


1. Wash your face using lukewarm water. Make sure to wash your face, neck, at the back of the neck, nape, and the upper chest area. Using a circular motion, use the Kojic soap around your face, neck, ears, nape, and in the upper chest. The reason is to prevent uneven skin tone when using the product for more than one week. Rinse with water after one to two minutes.

2. Optional: Apply moisturizer immediately after use, which is my routine. You may or may not use moisturizer as an optional choice before applying the toner. The reason for this optional choice is to prevent any irritation from the face due to the strong impact of the kojic acid soap and the toner. 

3. The next step is to apply the cleansing toner for the face. Note that it is important not to apply too much toner as it can cause irritation to the face after using the kojic acid soap. Same with the Kojic Acid Soap application, brush the neck, nape, and back of the ears with the toner.

4. Apply creams. The first is the rejuvenating cream, which is my favorite part of using the rejuvenating set. This cream is very important as it helps your dermis and epidermis regenerate. Then apply sunscreen to protect your face and neck from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB from the sun when applying it during the daytime. 

Note: You may apply the rejuvenating cream either during daytime or night time, depending on your free time to pamper your face. Skin Reborn does not restrict any gender. This product is universal, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation.