Friday, October 9, 2020


Acne breakout is the worst thing that can happen to your face. Pimple outbreak makes it even worse due to the appearance of papules all around your face. Whenever there is either a pimple or acne breakouts in your face, it affects your mood. The concentration on your daily routine will have a lesser focus due to the appearance of red marks on the face or neck. After having a breakout, the next concern is the appearance of dark scars. 

I bought Pond's BB cream, thinking that it can really hide visible acne and pimple breakouts. That is my main purpose why I buy bb cream and foundation to use it whenever going out during the daytime. Good thing Watson's offer this product that seeks to help individuals gain their confidence back even if they are having pimple outbreaks. I decided to choose Pond's age miracle BB+ Anti Aging BB cream. This cream seems better than the regular bb cream.

Back Story: One month ago before purchasing Pond's anti-aging BB cream, I went to Watsons and purchased their latest rejuvenating set. The price is worth Php 800 and my money got short to purchase this product. So I have to leave behind Pond's age miracle anti-aging BB cream to purchase on the next month, which I already have it now and made a review. 

Upon applying the cream, it gives an instant coverage on your face, hiding pimples and scars. One thing more is the cream's ability to hide fine lines such as wrinkles. The ingredients help to restore your skin's youthful balance due to the presence of zinc oxide, niacinamide, and linoleic acid. 

The Box contents:
  • Makeup brush: One good thing about purchasing this product is the free brush. This brush is ideal for applying face powder on top of the bb cream in your face and neck. The brush has fine strokes when you apply additional dry powder.
  • Bb cream: The main product. It contains an anti-aging ingredient that is suitable to make you look younger than your age. Upon applying the cream on my face, it can really make a difference between before and after photos on the thumbnail. 
Price: At Watsons Store, you can avail of the product for just Php 499 or roughly 500. If you prefer purchasing online, you should expect a higher value due to the courier fee and another fee for the delivery.

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