Tuesday, December 24, 2019


If you want to have a great day ahead by regenerating the collagen and elastin formation for your skin, Belo Collagen is the best thing to consider. I became curious about this product a month ago because I saw it in Watsons, department stores, and supermarkets. I decided to purchase a box of Belo Collagen Melon Smoothie powder Drink and a sachet of Collagen powder drink with hyaluronic acid. I became excited about how it will work on my skin.

Let us discuss the first one, Belo Collagen Powder Drink Melon Smoothie. This is the larger sachet as compared to Belo Collagen Powder Drink with Hyaluronic Acid. What I love about this product is the taste of melon fruit. I am certain Belo Medical Group/ Nutraceuticals have experts to create a new way to enhance the collagen production of our bodies. It took me ten days to drink the whole product until I observed something brighter in my skin.

The second product is the Belo Collagen Powder Drink with Hyaluronic Acid. The size of this product is smaller than the melon smoothie. Hyaluronic Acid helps the skin to regenerate the cells, making it softer and smoother. However, there is one main ingredient that many are not aware of, which is the protein called arginine. People with chickenpox are known to be allergic to arginine because it can further help nourish the cyclovirus and replicate to worsen the sores. Other than that, all is well.

Things to prepare:

  • 200-250 ml glass of drinking water
  • Belo Collagen Powder Sachet
  • Spoon or stirring tool for the collagen drink and glass of water
  • A scissor to cut the sachet
  • Use the prepared glass of water, preferably at least 200 ml to 250 ml (Your choice if it is either cold or hot)
  • Open the Belo Collagen Powder Drink and then pour to the glass of water
  • Stir the collagen powder thoroughly (It will not dissolve fast so be patient mixing for five minutes)
  • Drink the collagen drink (Once a day)

Effects of Belo Collagen Powder Drink

After drinking it after ten days, I noticed something dramatic on my skin. Your face will look brighter each day as you are drinking the collagen powder. Your body will start to look less stressed and relaxed all the time. After waking up in the morning, you will feel something good in your body after drinking it at least one week. You will feel a bit lighter on an everyday basis, which is already enough to keep your day always fresh and feel positive.

Do you love the effect of this collagen powder in my body after using it for 10 days?

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Which is better, Luxe Organix Aloe Vera Gel or Skin Lab Jeju Aloe Ice Moisturizer?

Testing two products at once is a way for you to determine if which is the better product you can use in the future. This is my chance to know the differences between the two products that I will prefer to buy consumed in a matter of time. As usual from my skincare routine when using moisturizer products, I finally determined this product is really better when it comes to tightening your skin and closing your pores right after making a comparison video between the two.

It is important to make a comparison of the products that you will use for your daily routine. Making such comparisons will let you identify the product that is compatible with the tone of your skin and its reaction to the chemicals or the organic compounds of the object you use. In this way, identifying products that are not compatible with the genetic integrity of your skin and the system will let you prevent allergic products in the market. Let us now start the comparison

Luxe Organix Aloe Vera Gel: This is a special moisturizer that aims to prevents dryness of the skin. The covering color is green with a transparent inside the container. With a 300 ml per piece, it is considerably large and plentiful enough to have at least one month to consume it in your face and other parts of the body. The main composition of the product is aloe vera, which makes up 98% of the gel. The recommendation is at least on a daily basis to see the best result.

Skin Lab Jeju Aloe Ice: One of the most in-demand reformulated products in the market with a new ingredient. The most interesting thing about the product is the cooling ingredient, making the skin feel more relaxed when using the gel. The shape and the amount are similar to Luxe Organix Aloe Veral except for the color of the container and the gel, which are white. One requirement before use is to refrigerate the product before applying the gel into the face.

During the procedure:

1. Applying the products: On the left side of my face is the Luxe Organix Aloe Vera Gel while on the right is Skin Lab Jeju Aloe Ice. I applied at least two tablespoonfuls of gel into each side with different products and massaged thoroughly for at least two minutes. The duration took me at least five minutes until I felt the sensation from the two products. Massaging enables the product to penetrate beneath the skin and moisturizes the layers.

2. Applying ice: Ice is an important pore minimizer with the aloe vera product on the skin. Just rub the ice cubes into the face and perform a circular motion. After applying the two products on both the left and right sides of my face, it is now time to use the ice. The ice helps the pores to shrink due to the cold temperature. The cooler temperature allows constriction to happen to all smooth muscles in the skin when the ice will have direct contact with the skin.

Optional: (Using Jade Roller) Jade roller is a special facial rolling tool to help rejuvenate the skin. The roller has a cool surface that tightens the pores. The massaging effect of the roller allows blood vessel circulation throughout the face. The upward stroke of the roller promotes facial lifting.


After performing all the procedures, it is important to rinse the face with water. A few minutes after using a dry towel to dry my face, I notice something between the two products. On the left side, while using Luxe Organix Aloe Vera Gel, there is a better firmness or tightness. On the right side with Jeju Aloe Ice, there is a lesser tightness all over my face.

Monday, December 16, 2019

How I lose weight and Trim 2 inches of waist line with 12 in 1 Gluta Lip...

Losing weight is one of the most crucial practices that we need to maintain as we grow older. There are many adults who are now at risk of developing chronic diseases due to poor health management. Some symptoms do not appear until it is already too late for the person to rehabilitate and seek medical treatment. As a result, people suffering from chronic diseases are now experiencing complications that can hamper their health and well-being.

This is why I opted to drink 12 in 1 Gluta Lipo juice drink because it is a promising product that can lose my weight. The good thing about this juice is the contents of it with organic materials essential to the body. Gluta lipo helps the body to shed fats. I decided to purchase one box and four sachets to drink it daily and observe if I can really shed fats on this particular product. After using it and recorded on my phone as a reference, I really believe it can really help to shed fats.

After using the product for 14 days, I started to notice something in my body. The feeling of bloatedness gradually subsided, especially right after having a meal. I noticed the shape of my face becoming oblongish due to the depletion of fat cells around my neck. What I love the most about the product is my current waistline. Previously, my waistline was 34 inches taken on December 2, 2019. After exactly two weeks of using, I observed my waistline became 32 inches.

Drinking Gluta Lipo juice supplement alone is not enough to lose weight. It is important to have a daily exercise for at least 30-45 minutes in order to further boost your blood circulation. In this way, there will be a faster effect on your body's response to shedding fats. Examples are daily jog around your house or along the road, doing simple exercises, push-ups, sit-ups, and lifting light weights.

Here are the 12 main ingredients of this product:

  • Glutathione: Brightens skin and detoxifies the liver
  • Lemon: Contains a potent amount of Vitamin C for immunity
  • Collagen: Improves cellular perfusion across the body
  • Green Tea: Detoxifies the body and relieves stress
  • Garcinia: Potent fat burner to help prevent the formation of fatty acids
  • Ampalaya: Prevents the development of diabetes and prevents fatty acids
  • Malunggay: Has strong anti-cancer properties and high in fiber
  • Barley Grass: Eliminates free radicals in the body that causes stress
  • Grape Seed Extract: Contains high in Vitamin C and Vitamin E for the heart and skin
  • Mangosteen: High amount of antioxidants that eliminate free radicals
  • Goji Berry: Improves the circulation of blood in the system
  • L-Carnitine: Eliminates fat cells over the body to boost circulation

  • Pour the whole contents of the powder from the sachet to a glass of water
  • Pour at least warm to cold water
  • Mix the ingredients and the solution thoroughly until it dilutes properly
  • Drink all the ingredients at once
  • Do it at least once a day 
Important Precaution:
  • Always keep out of reach of children
  • Never use the product if the seal, the box, or sachet is broken
  • Store the product under room temperature and not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius


I am sure this product made several reviews in vlogs and blogs elsewhere over the internet. Reviewing this product is an honor on my part because it seeks to energize my own skin's regenerative process when using it at least once a day. Miracle healing clay mask aims to establish a new way of preserving my facial capacity to become radiant and to improve my skin's light complexion. This is not your ordinary healing clay mask that you can use it on an everyday basis as it replenishes your skin's cellular balance.

Presenting Thailand's number 1 Miracle Healing Clay Mask, which is one of the most promising products you can use to pamper your skin. It may not be the only skincare routine to pamper your face but it can significantly provide more benefits to your face, neck, and at the back. When you use this product regularly, you will visibly observe the results in just two weeks.

I rate the product at least 9 over 10, which is a very satisfactory score among other products in the market. Speaking with the price, the clay has a variety of price ranges according to the seller. But the suggested range is between Php 300 to 500 in the recommended legit online sellers of the products. Sometimes, I see these products available in beauty stores or retail outlets in the physical market places.

Benefits of Using Thailand's Miracle Healing Clay Mask:

  • Eliminates impurities in your face
  • Whitens your face in just two weeks of regular use
  • Prevents formation of acne or pimples
  • Tightens your pores
  • Minimizes wrinkles around your face
  • Softens the texture in your face
  • Nourishes the face with essential nutrients
  • Mis 2-3 tablespoon of clay powder with equal amount of water or apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply the mixture in a thick but even layer to your face, neck or at your chest. 
  • Allow the area to dry for at least between 10 and 15 minutes. 
  • When you feel something tight and dry, allow your face to rinse it using running water.
  • Pat dry your face and neck with a dry towel. 
Special Tip:
  • Use a moisturizer or your favorite facial cream after rinsing your face
  • Do not overstay the product in your face for more than 15 minutes
  • Never use it twice a day

Sunday, December 15, 2019


Samyang, the most famous noodles in the world. This is my first time trying to eat this kind of noodles in my life. I have viewed many video challenges showing this product as the center for a competitive eating contest. Before I started recording my videos, I already witnessed a variety of spicy noodle challenges for the past years. This is the only time I decided to make a video about this product to determine if it is really up to the hype. Out of curiosity, I purchased the lesser spicy product to prevent my body's response to the capsicum trigger the histamine response of my body.

I finally got one, which is the black-colored spicy ramen. The name is Samyang's Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Stir Fry noodles. I got excited when I saw this product and test my mouth's capacity if it can really surpass my expectations of this famous ramen in the world. At first, I was scared due to a variety of unsuccessful reactions from vloggers who already tried the product. Out of curiosity, I still managed to purchase one of these products and will test the capacity of my palate.

The preparation of this instant ramen is similar to the other instant noodles or ramen you can apply to other products. This includes boiling at least three cups of water with the noodles for at least 10 minutes before draining the water and then add the condiments on the plate. Others can perform the stir-fry method to the noodles. For me, any will do, for as long as I will try this food to satisfy my curiosity and to determine the capacity of my palate.

I chose to pick this 1x spicy ramen noodles because I don't want to make an embarrassment to my vlog whenever my palate cannot handle the level of spiciness. As compared with the 2x hot ramen, my palate failed to handle the level of spiciness of that red-packed ramen. As they always say, start with the lesser spicy ramen before leveling your palate's capacity to the spicier brand of the same ramen product.

After cooking and preparing the product, it is time for me to test my palate. On the first three bites, I was amazed by how my mouth handled the spiciness of the ramen. On the fourth bite, the advent of chilliness started to heat my palate. The spicy level sensation is different when you eat the actual chili. I paused for a few seconds, drank milk, and then continue eating the spicy noodles.

As they always say, when you eat spicy food, make it fast until the last bite before the spiciness will attack your palate. I really did that fashion while eating the ramen and then it is successful. I love the taste of the ramen even if it has a strong chili taste.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

BEST FOR PIMPLES | Wyn Dark Spot and Acne Clear Soap including Toner Mist Review

Introducing Wyn Cosmetics, one of the most common problems that we have in our life is having a series of pimple breakouts throughout our face, neck, back, and in the upper chest level. Pimple breakout starts at puberty when hormones become active for young teenagers as their body to start its maturation stage. The hormones affect the condition of the skin as there is a new protein synthesis that interacts with the integumentary and circulatory system that generates new breakouts.

Thanks to Wyn Cosmetics, I have the opportunity to try their precious products to control acne breakouts on my skin. Every month, I experience one big breakout, which is why I need this product. Applying this product ensures the prevention of a large acne breakout that is always responsible for losing my self-esteem whenever I go outdoors or even vlogging for my videos. Not only it can control acne breakouts, but it also rejuvenates my skin overnight without worrying anything.

Each acne breakout makes me feel uncomfortable due to the presence of impurities that my face looks like. whenever I face the mirror. There is a visible redness that I can always see in front of the mirror that lowers my self-esteem immediately. Wyn cosmetics is the latest product I used to clean my face and shrinks the presence of pores.

The Product:

1. Wyn Dark Spot & Acne Clear Soap: This soap has three main ingredients that clean your skin and prevents any risk of pimple breakouts. The bar contains tea tree oil, argan oil, and lemon extract to ensure your skin's rejuvenating effect. What I love about the product is the smell, which is really organic in nature that can wash away the dirt without causing any irritation to your face.

2. Wyn Dark Spot & Acne Clear Toner: Toner is a perfect pair for a soap with the same product with similar ingredients. The toner aims to allow the skin to absorb the ingredients to ensure any risk of acne development becomes slim. Applying once or twice a day is already enough to remove impurities in your face, neck, back, and upper chest.

*There are other products made by Wyn Cosmetics that are intended for skin whitening. These are Wyn Gluta Mansi Soap for the face and body. The other notable product is Wyn Ultra Radiant White toner and soap for those who want to whiten their skin.


1. Wash your face with any running water using the Wyn Dark Spot & Acne Clear Soap. Rinse in your face for at least one minute in order to wash away all hidden dirt and foreign bodies. Rinse critically in your face, neck, at the back, and upper chest to ensure you will remove most impurities stuck in your skin in a circular motion. Wash it with running water after and then use a towel to dry the wet areas of your skin.

2. Apply moisturizer to ensure your skin will regenerate its moisture and to prevent the natural sebum from being worn out from your face. Moisturizing your face after washing and rinsing with soap eliminates the risk of irritation, inflammation, or even chemical burns. Apply your favorite moisturizer and massage face for at least one minute.

3. It is now time to apply the Wyn Dark Spot & Acne Clear Toner to your face. You have two options, either apply the toner liquid directly to the face or use cotton and then gently apply a circular motion to the face to let the skin fully absorb the product.

4. If you have other serum and cream routine, you may apply your favorite night creams to your face right after the toner application. Always make your body stay relaxed and free from any distractions as you will rest the whole night and see the best results in the morning after waking up.

Monday, December 9, 2019

My Reaction of Miss Universe 2019 When Gazini did not Advance to Top 10

As for my first reaction, I should say Miss Universe 2019 is really the most anticipated beauty pageants in the universe I have to watch yearly. Watching beauty pageants is similar to watching ball games in either indoor or outdoor events in any sport. For me, watching Miss Universe makes a realism on my personality as a person that makes me create multiple reactions in each event. Let us take a look at how I reacted upon watching the girls flaunt themselves on stage.

In the morning when I woke up, I knew Miss Universe is already preparing for their crowning ceremony and the finals night. Our time in Manila is way advanced than in the Eastern Coast time of the United States. That is why we are 12 hours ahead. The pageant started at 8 in the evening Eastern Time in the United States while it is 8 in the morning Manila time GMT +8. We have a similar time with Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Perth.

What I saw in my social media account is a series of live streams of several users who want to share what was going on in Miss Universe. There are some spectators in the actual pageant area who are living and showing updates of the pageant. Some are even correspondents of media networks who share their personal social media accounts to help fans have access, especially for those who are at work.

When the pageant started at 8 in the morning, I already prepared my camera to film or shoot myself while watching Miss Universe. It was the introduction of the candidates and then the announcement of the Top 20 semifinalist of Miss Universe 2019. The format still remains per continent. Asia and Africa are grouped together and only five will be selected. Europe will have at least five lucky candidates. The Americas or the entire western hemisphere will only have one group. And the staff will pick at least five. 

Since the Philippines sits in the Asian continent and grouped with Africa, Steve Harvey, the host, announced South Africa, Thailand, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Obviously, the Philippines was never called at that moment. Many were wondering, something is not right about this in various social media accounts. 

The speech portion. Gazini Ganados made an inspiring speech during her moment as one of the semifinalists. One concerning thing is the time she stuttered while speaking. After stuttering, it triggered the heavy pressure towards her and her facial reaction suddenly changed. 

In Europe, Iceland, France, Croatia, Portugal, and Albania were called. For the Americas, Puerto Rico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the United States secured the Top 20 spots. For the Wild card, The Philippines was then called with Venezuela, India, Brazil, and Colombia. 

Moving on with the Top 10 announcement, USA, Colombia, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Peru, Iceland, France, Indonesia and then Thailand was called. I was hoping the last would be the Philippines. When Steve Harvey announced it was Mexico, it is now time for me to turn off the television. That's it. 

Despite the heartbreaking exclusion of Gazini Ganados, I am still proud of her. She still managed to penetrate the top 20 semifinalists round and were given the chance to showcase her advocacy and speech to the audience. Her stint this year will surely make questions from the analysts of the Philippine pageant camps on how they will remaster their strategies for the next representative of Miss Universe in 2020. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

My Final Top 20 Predictions for Miss Universe 2019

Miss Universe beauty pageant is the most prestigious pageant in the world with millions of viewers in each social media during the preliminary and the coronation night. The pageant is set to select the most beautiful woman in the universe who will have an annual reign before the next winner will take over for the succeeding year. For many, choosing the most beautiful woman in the world takes rigorous training and preparation in order to clinch the crown. So here are my Top 20 Final predictions after the Finals.

1. Puerto Rico: The most prepared candidate and has the deepest experience in beauty pageants. During the preliminary, she calculated her walk and pose accurately and make sure she will go back on stage right after the hosts finished talking about her background. This is the girl to beat this year.

2. The Philippines: I can smell a serious back-to-back win for the Philippines, given that Gazini is really prepared to be the rightful successor of Catriona Gray. She is more than ready to slay the runway and to give her eloquent answers during the final interviews and question and answer portions.

3. Thailand: I will still say she is still a strong contender, given that eye irritation she is experiencing right now after the preliminaries. I hope she will recover soon right before the finals of the pageant. She made a strong stage presence during the preliminaries.

4. Vietnam: This woman rocked the stage during the swimsuit and gown competition. Her professional modeling experience is the key for her to slay the runway with poise and confidence. She can soar as high as to the top 3 spots.

5. Venezuela: Venezuela is really Venezuela. She reminds me of Miss Venezuela 2017 with a similar strategy, poise, confidence during the preliminary. Her walk is one of the strongest, revealing the true advantage of a contestant from a country with the best beauty pageant training camp.

6. Albania: She really did not disappoint her supporters with her oozing appeal on stage. Her strong vibe makes her a competitive candidate with a promising placement this year. She is a well-spoken candidate, which can increase her chances of clinching the crown.

7. Indonesia: When she slipped on stage after executing her Pasarela during the swimsuit round, she proved herself as a contestant, showing grace under pressure. Indonesia both nailed the swimsuit and gown competition that can take her through the semifinals.

8. South Africa: Her sweet personality is her advantage while integrating her professional modeling skills in front of the crowd. What I love most is the unique design of her gown, making her the queen of Africa that can make her chances high on reaching the top 3 spots.

9. Brazil: Jaw-dropping body figure during the swimsuit round. She really amazes the crowd and the judges with her perfectly cut body. The free-flowing gown makes her a versatile beauty queen who can blend with any style.

10. India: It is really nice to see India back in the placement circle of Miss Universe with that strong walk and magnificent vibe in front of the stage. Her strong walk and controlled poise can surely secure herself a spot during the finals night.

11. France: Judging without her slipping incident during her swimsuit, she is one of the strongest contestants. No wonder she is a finalist during last year's Miss World. Watch out for France as she might steal your favorite's top spot.

12. Mexico: Speaking of regalness, this woman can really make a good execution for Miss Universe, given her classy attitude in the runway. We can expect a new placement for Mexico as one of the semifinalists for Miss Universe 2019.

13. Colombia: Another favorite to penetrate the top 20. This lawyer candidate should be watched out when she will penetrate the Top 6 spot with her very broad-minded and articulate way of communicating with anyone in front of her.

14. USA: The home court girl with full of promises with her advocacy that the Miss Universe Organization is looking for. She can drive her way through the semifinalist spot with her competitive body with that killer abs.

15. Peru: The most surprisingly competitive candidate. She is tall with an impressive catwalk performance during her time in the swimsuit and evening gown. This woman will break your heart as she will make it in the Top 20 semifinalist round.

16. Ireland: Another unexpected strong contestant with a modelesque body posture and a strong Pasarela in both swimsuit and evening gown performances. This woman might soon make headlines to be the first Irish person to walk in space as she is currently working at NASA.

17. Spain: Another strong contender from Europe. This barbie professional model slays the runway with her competitive Pasarela. Her modeling experience is evident in the way she moves as she walks through the runway while smiling with her eyes.

18. Panama: One of the most trained competitors in this pageant as she showed everyone how good she is during the preliminaries. She is a silent slayer with full of potential that can even penetrate the top 6 spots during the finals night.

19. Argentina: An underrated candidate with a strong stage presence. She is a combination of regal and a classy beauty with a strong electromagnetic charm. It will not be a surprise to see this woman on the Top 20 spots.

20. Tanzania: I did not remove her in my list after the preliminaries because there is something charming about her that can make her succeed in penetrating the Top 20. She is a model with a good walk and a sweet personality.

Dark Horses

1. Chile: This woman made a safe performance during the preliminaries. She has a versatile look with a nice walk in both swimsuit and evening gown. It will not be a surprise to see her in the Top 20.

2. Japan: Fierceness is her vocabulary during her time walking through the runway during the preliminaries. She can replace your favorite top picks.

3. Kazakhstan: Observing her Pasarela, she seriously executed very well with full of confidence and strong stage presence. She might become the lucky woman to enter the semifinalist round.

Who is your favorite to win Miss Universe 2019?

Saturday, December 7, 2019

POTEN CEE Vitamin C & Collagen | Effective ba with Vitamin E or Myra Ultimate?

Are you looking for the best Vitamin C brand in the market, you got the right article for me to discuss. This is the Poten Cee Vitamin C. What is really interesting about this product is the enrichment of Collagen. This means you will not only have a boost in your immune system but also to improve the perfusion of your skin and skeletal system. This brand has a double combination that you will have in your life as you take it regularly on a daily basis.

What is really interesting is the collagen content of the Vitamin C. Collagen is an abundant protein in our body that is helping our joints to be intact. Our joints facilitate the movement of our bodies by allowing our limbs to coordinate with a fashion. The connective tissues in our muscles help to bind the bones together to have a uniform range of motion activities as the body moves. Collagen helps connective tissues in our body to make a strong bond.

In our skin, collagen helps our physical appearance to look younger. As you take more collagen into your body, it helps to improve the perfusion of the skin cells together. If you notice a person who is always taking collagen supplements, their skin to appear consistently radiant. As a Poten Cee user, there is a noticeable change that you will observe in your skin.

Perfect Pair with Myra E or Myra Ultimate

Myra Ultimate is the latest edition of Myra supplements. The most important ingredient in this product is Astaxanthin, which is a potent protein substance that enables the connective tissue in our body to regenerate. When combined with Vitamin C, the potency of Asthaxantin becomes more viable enough to fasten the recovery of damaged cells in the body. The skin becomes supple and looks fresher when a person combines taking Poten-Cee + C and Myra Astaxanthin.

If there is no available Myra Ultimate, there is a substitute, which is the Vitamin E of any brand. Taking Poten Cee with Vitamin E enriches the perfusion of skin cells and connective tissues in the body to become supple and normalized. The duration of regeneration takes a shorter time for the cells to become more radiant with the skin cells and other parts of the body. The elastin compound can regenerate into its normal form, which enables the body to become healthier.

The only reminder for taking this product is the consistency. As a person, religious intake of food supplements such as Poten Cee and Myra Ultimate is beneficial as it can really have a noticeable change in the skin and appearance. One thing is the avoidance of vices, which can degrade the progress of regeneration for the skin cells all over the body.

Do you regularly take this product?