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Sunday, December 15, 2019


Samyang, the most famous noodles in the world. This is my first time trying to eat this kind of noodles in my life. I have viewed many video challenges showing this product as the center for a competitive eating contest. Before I started recording my videos, I already witnessed a variety of spicy noodle challenges for the past years. This is the only time I decided to make a video about this product to determine if it is really up to the hype. Out of curiosity, I purchased the lesser spicy product to prevent my body's response to the capsicum trigger the histamine response of my body.

I finally got one, which is the black-colored spicy ramen. The name is Samyang's Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Stir Fry noodles. I got excited when I saw this product and test my mouth's capacity if it can really surpass my expectations of this famous ramen in the world. At first, I was scared due to a variety of unsuccessful reactions from vloggers who already tried the product. Out of curiosity, I still managed to purchase one of these products and will test the capacity of my palate.

The preparation of this instant ramen is similar to the other instant noodles or ramen you can apply to other products. This includes boiling at least three cups of water with the noodles for at least 10 minutes before draining the water and then add the condiments on the plate. Others can perform the stir-fry method to the noodles. For me, any will do, for as long as I will try this food to satisfy my curiosity and to determine the capacity of my palate.

I chose to pick this 1x spicy ramen noodles because I don't want to make an embarrassment to my vlog whenever my palate cannot handle the level of spiciness. As compared with the 2x hot ramen, my palate failed to handle the level of spiciness of that red-packed ramen. As they always say, start with the lesser spicy ramen before leveling your palate's capacity to the spicier brand of the same ramen product.

After cooking and preparing the product, it is time for me to test my palate. On the first three bites, I was amazed by how my mouth handled the spiciness of the ramen. On the fourth bite, the advent of chilliness started to heat my palate. The spicy level sensation is different when you eat the actual chili. I paused for a few seconds, drank milk, and then continue eating the spicy noodles.

As they always say, when you eat spicy food, make it fast until the last bite before the spiciness will attack your palate. I really did that fashion while eating the ramen and then it is successful. I love the taste of the ramen even if it has a strong chili taste.