Wednesday, May 1, 2019

FINAL REVIEW | After taking Myra Ultimate with Poten-Cee Vitamin C and C...

Taking supplements does not cause harm to your body for as long as you are going to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water on a daily basis. As a person who is conscious about health, the significance of considering healthy supplements generates a positive response to your health and body. That is why I opted to try Myra Ultimate and then with Poten-Cee and Collagen. The trio combination supplements relevantly improve the condition of my smooth muscles that makes my skin look more appealing.

Right on the first day, I already feel that there is something good that is happening to my body. As you can see in my vlog or video that I became very optimistic upon taking the supplements. You will always feel that there is something good that can happen to your skin as you are going to make it fresher after using it for at least 10 days. Day after day, you will start noticing that your skin becomes more supple and brighter than the previous days ahead.

My Final Review After 10 Days

1. Better Sleeping Habits: I noticed that my body starts to call myself attention to get enough sleep. When the clock strikes at 10 in the evening, my eyes start to feel sleepy and my level of coherence slowly diminishes. I expected that I often sleep earlier during the entire day than the usual 12 midnight sleeping time. Other than that, I also sleep after lunch, which is at least a few minutes after having my lunch. This means that I always sleep more than the recommended hours of at least 10 to 12 hours a day.

2. Removes blemishes: As soon as I am taking it religiously straight for 10 days, I can feel that my breakouts become lesser and lesser each day. Existing pimple breakouts during the first day noticed some decrease in redness discoloration. Most of my pimple breakouts were unable to reach their full maturity when there is a visible sign of yellowish pus appearance on the face. After using this for at least 10 days, my face looks significantly free from any blemishes that are very dramatic and reliable to your face.

3. Brightens your Face: I am aware that alpha-tocopherol is very effective for removing blemishes and then eventually makes your face appear brighter. When using it with vitamin c, the integration of ascorbic acid to the smooth muscles makes it more immune to diseases that eliminate allergens and infectious agents to affect the integrity of the skin. The application of collagen to the skin is another reason to make your skin looks brighter because collagen improves the perfusion of smooth muscles all over your body.

Major disadvantage: the price of Myra ultimate is generally expensive. This is not your usual practical food supplement because it is way more than the price that you expect. The price costs between Php 27 to 32, depending on the drugstore that you intend to buy this item. This is not practical for students and individuals living in a frugal lifestyle due to the massive amount of price that is not accessible to other individuals.

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