Friday, May 10, 2019

WOW | My First Impression of Collagen Moisturizing and Firming Toner by Watson's

Many thought that Collagen by Watson's Moisturizing and Firming Toner is already out of stock, think again. Months after the release of this product with another release of a new set of versions, I attempted another try to purchase this product online and I succeeded. I became excited because I can finally try a product and will share it with you guys. I just want to thank the retailer or the seller online where I bought the item because this person made my dream come true.

Featuring Watson's collagen Moisturizing and Firming Toner, which is probably one of the most interesting toners you can use. The product is still available in the market, specifically through online retail websites. Not all stores display this product due to the increase in the demand not only in the Philippines but around the world. No wonder many are in despair whenever the sales personnel says it is out of stock at physical stores. But many are not aware that this product is available online when they try to check out at retail websites.

Benefits of Collagen Moisturizing and Firming Toner

1. Firms my skin: Upon applying the toner and waited for at least 30 minutes, there is a firmness that you can feel beneath your skin. This is what I really love about the product. It makes your pores look firmer and appealing after using it. The firmness in your skin makes you look younger as you are going to apply this product on a regular basis. The firmness that you can feel in your face after applying the toner will make you feel fresh and more confident.

2. Moisturizes: When you hear the word toner, you will immediately presume that it can make your skin dry after you apply it. However, this toner is different. After applying it into your face, you will never feel any dryness right after you apply it. What I love about this toner is that it does not contain any alcohol as a solution or ingredient in this toner. There is no strong odor that you can observe in your face because the ingredients are made of pure organic materials that do not cause any harmful effect on your face.

3. Brightens: After using the toner, you will observe that your face appears brighter. Make sure to use the toner on a regular basis to feel the best results. Perhaps one week is already enough for you to feel the full effects of the toner. Keep in mind that it is always important to use the toner at least twice a day for a better result after one week. I noticed that when your face is clear from impurities, the natural glow of your skin color will bloom that makes you look brighter when you go outdoors. When your skin looks clearer, it will show its natural appeal that makes it several tones fairer than your previous tone.

4. Hygienic: Using toner indicates that you care for your skin on a daily basis. The importance of observing personal hygiene makes you look neat and presentable to other people, especially when meeting them. The exposure of our face to outside environment attracts multiple impurities that cause contamination. When the face becomes contaminated with different infectious agents, it will start to clog pores that might soon become a precursor for developing pimples and inflammation.

I definitely recommend this product because I know it can bring beneficial impacts to those who want to apply the product to improve their skin.

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