Saturday, May 4, 2019

MUKBANG AND ASMR | Heavenly taste of Ilocos Special Empanada with Basi

The Ilocos region has one of the most unique culinary styles in the Philippines that you can enjoy. One of my favorite Ilocano food is Special Empanada. Ilocano recreated their way of generating another version of empanada that suits their culinary culture. When I see this Ilocos empanada, I always obey my hunger and then buy it. Then the next thing to do is to devour this sumptuous snack that can be also made as a meal for the day. I am so excited to share you this special treat that you will also want to try it.

The Spanish colonizers during the colonial era introduced empanada to the Philippines. The pastry has meat and vegetable combination fillings inside that makes it tasty inside your palate whenever you have a bite on it. The Ilocanos then recreated their version to make a unique way of making a distinct dish or a snack that promotes the Ilocano culture. With over 300 years of colonization in the Philippines, Ilokanos already recreated their version of empanadas and this one special snack is the result of their adaptation.

Why I love Special Empanada of Ilocos?

1. It has Vigan Sausage: The most important thing that I love about Ilocos' special empanada is the Vigan sausage inside. This is a kind of a garlic-flavored sausage that really tickles my palate for each bite. This type of sausage is only available in the Ilocos and here in our place where there are some vendors who can create this type of sausage. The fusion of Vigan sausage with other ingredients makes it unique and mouth-watering to taste.

2. Tasty Green Papaya: Are you wondering what are those white stripes inside the fillings of the Special Empanada of Ilocos? Well, that is the green papaya and it actually tastes good for me. I really love how this pastry makes my mouth water whenever I see there is a healthy ingredient. Green papaya is rich in fiber and nutrients to keep my digestive system and skin to look clear. Green papaya is not only for desserts, cakes, or appetizers but also as a form of fillings inside special empanadas of the Ilocanos.

3. Contains egg: One interesting insight of Ilocano special empanada is the use of fresh egg. You will definitely taste the egg white and the yolk when you begin to consume this pastry. The egg white is full of protein to help your body repair fibrous connective tissues and smooth muscle filaments inside your body. The cook will just add one fresh egg and then wrap the fresh empanada and then soak it in a pot with boiling oil.

4. Basi Vinegar: Another tasty reason why I love empanada is the infusion of Basi with every bite. This is a fermented vinegar that has a stronger taste than the commercial vinegar that you usually buy in supermarkets or any grocery stores. Every drop of Basi vinegar to the special empanada transforms the taste into an extraordinary flavor that you can easily manage. You will never forget the taste of this snack or pastry after filling some parts in your mouth.

Price ranges between 35 to 50, depending on the vendor or the store that you will approach and buy some. But in Ilocos, it is really everywhere. even some vendors sell Vigan sausage because it is one of the most important ingredients of this product that can always make your mouth drool.

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