Tuesday, May 14, 2019

EFFECTIVE FACE BRIGHTENER | Impressive Green Tea Wash-Off Facial Mask + Unpacking Gifts

This blog is all about using Green Tea Wash Off Facial Mask. It is a conventional face mask that makes your skin looks supple and fresher throughout the day after using this item. The product seems to appear just an ordinary mask in your face but it seriously brings a significant effect. The main concentration of the vlog starts in the middle where I presented the actual application of the product after claiming some of my package at the post office in our place. The other half of the video above is all about unpacking gifts. These are two keychains and three shirts from Singapore. Thank you Tim & Vena.

At first, I was sketchy about the product because it is new and there are a few or even no reviews that I can find online. Upon searching for many times, I found out from several testimonials in retailing websites about this exact product that I have at home. Upon using my personal scrutiny about the product, I noticed that everyone is talking about the positive effects of the products on their skin. Meaning, there is a promising result that the product can apply to your face as you do it on a regular basis. Out of curiosity, I manage to try it several times and the results became promising on my face in just a few days.

Beneficial effects of Green Tea Wash Off Face Mask

1. Brightens my face: One major impact that this product can do to your face is to make it look brighter. As you can see, your face becomes brighter as the compounds and essential ingredients in the wash off face mask eliminates all impurities in your face. The contents responsible for brightening your face are the tea tree oil that relaxes and then eliminates existing histamine and prostaglandin. The presence of vitamins C and E improves the elastin and collagen compounds in the skin that makes your face look brighter.

2. Cleanses your face: The mask washes off all impurities in your face that are causing risks for infection or allergic reaction. Upon washing off, it will eliminate all impurities that are unwanted compounds settled in your face. The surface of your skin experiences exposure to the outside environment that receives multiple foreign bodies that are responsible for causing irritation to the skin's surface whenever they begin to settle.

3. Nourishes your skin: Talking about the essential ingredients of the wash off face mask, there are several considerations. The first is the green tea oil that reduces the presence of allergens that causes inflammatory responses to your face. The essential vitamins and minerals such as the presence of Vitamin C and E help the skin cells to become more radiant and healthy by means of strengthening its connective tissue permeability. Zinc allows the skin and the white blood cells inside it to reduce the number of infectious agents that risks the skin for accumulating infection.


  • Wash your face thoroughly with warm water to open the pores.
  • Rinse it with bath soap to eliminate dead cells and impurities.
  • Dry your face with a face towel.
  • You may now apply the wash-off face mask by pushing a little like a pinch size into your hands then spread the product all over your face and upper neck. 
  • Leave it dry for 15 minutes. 
  • Wash your face with cold water to close the pores and rinse all the product from the face. 
  • Apply your favorite moisturizer. 
  • Never apply the product to an open wound in your face.
  • Do not apply the product if you are having a severe allergy in some parts of your face.
  • If intense irritation occurs, wash your face immediately and consult your doctor.
  • Always close the cap of the product to prevent it from evaporating. 

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