Monday, December 9, 2019

My Reaction of Miss Universe 2019 When Gazini did not Advance to Top 10

As for my first reaction, I should say Miss Universe 2019 is really the most anticipated beauty pageants in the universe I have to watch yearly. Watching beauty pageants is similar to watching ball games in either indoor or outdoor events in any sport. For me, watching Miss Universe makes a realism on my personality as a person that makes me create multiple reactions in each event. Let us take a look at how I reacted upon watching the girls flaunt themselves on stage.

In the morning when I woke up, I knew Miss Universe is already preparing for their crowning ceremony and the finals night. Our time in Manila is way advanced than in the Eastern Coast time of the United States. That is why we are 12 hours ahead. The pageant started at 8 in the evening Eastern Time in the United States while it is 8 in the morning Manila time GMT +8. We have a similar time with Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Perth.

What I saw in my social media account is a series of live streams of several users who want to share what was going on in Miss Universe. There are some spectators in the actual pageant area who are living and showing updates of the pageant. Some are even correspondents of media networks who share their personal social media accounts to help fans have access, especially for those who are at work.

When the pageant started at 8 in the morning, I already prepared my camera to film or shoot myself while watching Miss Universe. It was the introduction of the candidates and then the announcement of the Top 20 semifinalist of Miss Universe 2019. The format still remains per continent. Asia and Africa are grouped together and only five will be selected. Europe will have at least five lucky candidates. The Americas or the entire western hemisphere will only have one group. And the staff will pick at least five. 

Since the Philippines sits in the Asian continent and grouped with Africa, Steve Harvey, the host, announced South Africa, Thailand, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Obviously, the Philippines was never called at that moment. Many were wondering, something is not right about this in various social media accounts. 

The speech portion. Gazini Ganados made an inspiring speech during her moment as one of the semifinalists. One concerning thing is the time she stuttered while speaking. After stuttering, it triggered the heavy pressure towards her and her facial reaction suddenly changed. 

In Europe, Iceland, France, Croatia, Portugal, and Albania were called. For the Americas, Puerto Rico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and the United States secured the Top 20 spots. For the Wild card, The Philippines was then called with Venezuela, India, Brazil, and Colombia. 

Moving on with the Top 10 announcement, USA, Colombia, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Peru, Iceland, France, Indonesia and then Thailand was called. I was hoping the last would be the Philippines. When Steve Harvey announced it was Mexico, it is now time for me to turn off the television. That's it. 

Despite the heartbreaking exclusion of Gazini Ganados, I am still proud of her. She still managed to penetrate the top 20 semifinalists round and were given the chance to showcase her advocacy and speech to the audience. Her stint this year will surely make questions from the analysts of the Philippine pageant camps on how they will remaster their strategies for the next representative of Miss Universe in 2020. 

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