Sunday, December 8, 2019

My Final Top 20 Predictions for Miss Universe 2019

Miss Universe beauty pageant is the most prestigious pageant in the world with millions of viewers in each social media during the preliminary and the coronation night. The pageant is set to select the most beautiful woman in the universe who will have an annual reign before the next winner will take over for the succeeding year. For many, choosing the most beautiful woman in the world takes rigorous training and preparation in order to clinch the crown. So here are my Top 20 Final predictions after the Finals.

1. Puerto Rico: The most prepared candidate and has the deepest experience in beauty pageants. During the preliminary, she calculated her walk and pose accurately and make sure she will go back on stage right after the hosts finished talking about her background. This is the girl to beat this year.

2. The Philippines: I can smell a serious back-to-back win for the Philippines, given that Gazini is really prepared to be the rightful successor of Catriona Gray. She is more than ready to slay the runway and to give her eloquent answers during the final interviews and question and answer portions.

3. Thailand: I will still say she is still a strong contender, given that eye irritation she is experiencing right now after the preliminaries. I hope she will recover soon right before the finals of the pageant. She made a strong stage presence during the preliminaries.

4. Vietnam: This woman rocked the stage during the swimsuit and gown competition. Her professional modeling experience is the key for her to slay the runway with poise and confidence. She can soar as high as to the top 3 spots.

5. Venezuela: Venezuela is really Venezuela. She reminds me of Miss Venezuela 2017 with a similar strategy, poise, confidence during the preliminary. Her walk is one of the strongest, revealing the true advantage of a contestant from a country with the best beauty pageant training camp.

6. Albania: She really did not disappoint her supporters with her oozing appeal on stage. Her strong vibe makes her a competitive candidate with a promising placement this year. She is a well-spoken candidate, which can increase her chances of clinching the crown.

7. Indonesia: When she slipped on stage after executing her Pasarela during the swimsuit round, she proved herself as a contestant, showing grace under pressure. Indonesia both nailed the swimsuit and gown competition that can take her through the semifinals.

8. South Africa: Her sweet personality is her advantage while integrating her professional modeling skills in front of the crowd. What I love most is the unique design of her gown, making her the queen of Africa that can make her chances high on reaching the top 3 spots.

9. Brazil: Jaw-dropping body figure during the swimsuit round. She really amazes the crowd and the judges with her perfectly cut body. The free-flowing gown makes her a versatile beauty queen who can blend with any style.

10. India: It is really nice to see India back in the placement circle of Miss Universe with that strong walk and magnificent vibe in front of the stage. Her strong walk and controlled poise can surely secure herself a spot during the finals night.

11. France: Judging without her slipping incident during her swimsuit, she is one of the strongest contestants. No wonder she is a finalist during last year's Miss World. Watch out for France as she might steal your favorite's top spot.

12. Mexico: Speaking of regalness, this woman can really make a good execution for Miss Universe, given her classy attitude in the runway. We can expect a new placement for Mexico as one of the semifinalists for Miss Universe 2019.

13. Colombia: Another favorite to penetrate the top 20. This lawyer candidate should be watched out when she will penetrate the Top 6 spot with her very broad-minded and articulate way of communicating with anyone in front of her.

14. USA: The home court girl with full of promises with her advocacy that the Miss Universe Organization is looking for. She can drive her way through the semifinalist spot with her competitive body with that killer abs.

15. Peru: The most surprisingly competitive candidate. She is tall with an impressive catwalk performance during her time in the swimsuit and evening gown. This woman will break your heart as she will make it in the Top 20 semifinalist round.

16. Ireland: Another unexpected strong contestant with a modelesque body posture and a strong Pasarela in both swimsuit and evening gown performances. This woman might soon make headlines to be the first Irish person to walk in space as she is currently working at NASA.

17. Spain: Another strong contender from Europe. This barbie professional model slays the runway with her competitive Pasarela. Her modeling experience is evident in the way she moves as she walks through the runway while smiling with her eyes.

18. Panama: One of the most trained competitors in this pageant as she showed everyone how good she is during the preliminaries. She is a silent slayer with full of potential that can even penetrate the top 6 spots during the finals night.

19. Argentina: An underrated candidate with a strong stage presence. She is a combination of regal and a classy beauty with a strong electromagnetic charm. It will not be a surprise to see this woman on the Top 20 spots.

20. Tanzania: I did not remove her in my list after the preliminaries because there is something charming about her that can make her succeed in penetrating the Top 20. She is a model with a good walk and a sweet personality.

Dark Horses

1. Chile: This woman made a safe performance during the preliminaries. She has a versatile look with a nice walk in both swimsuit and evening gown. It will not be a surprise to see her in the Top 20.

2. Japan: Fierceness is her vocabulary during her time walking through the runway during the preliminaries. She can replace your favorite top picks.

3. Kazakhstan: Observing her Pasarela, she seriously executed very well with full of confidence and strong stage presence. She might become the lucky woman to enter the semifinalist round.

Who is your favorite to win Miss Universe 2019?

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