Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Lately, Kween Mother, the matriarch of Cadena family tackles about the Youtube Channel of late vlogger Lloyd Cafe Cadena. In her latest vlog, Kween Mother reiterates they will keep the channel to serve as digital memorabilia for the family, relatives, and to the Cadenators. Kween Mother opted to preserve the digital property of late Lloyed Cadena as it gave a memorable experience to the viewers who relate the scenes from the vlog to their real lives. 

However, in the middle of the discussion gave some viewers chills as they watch how the family decides about the fate of the channel. Starting from the 6'th minute, there are some voices that a viewer with a sharp auditory capacity can hear it. I first watched the latest vlog of Mother Kween to know how will they decide on the fate of Lloyd's channel and noticed some of the babbling words but never did I realize something weirder.

Here are the parts of the video where you can hear voices of Lloyd:
1st:  6:39: "Help"
2nd: 6:45: "Kausapin mko" (talk to me)
3rd:  6:48: "Ma!" (Mom)
4th:  7:22: "Uggh! Nahihirapan nako" (It's difficult for me)

I never thought Kween Mother will make it to the trending topic's list. Fans quickly comment on the clips they heard, where I just indicated above this paragraph, it gave me the chills and courage to rewatch the video. Upon watching, I confirmed two out of four clips where there are strange voices while Kween Mother is talking. 

The most audible voices are the 3rd ("Ma!") and the fourth voice ("Uggh! Nahihirapan nako!"). The first and second voices are hard for me to listen to. However upon replaying it again, I can finally hear the second voice ("Kausapin mko"). But it is really giving me a hard time to hear the first voice, which is "help"!

Upon posting on my Facebook page, which is The Story of Anthony, there are some comments saying the voices were uttered during the time Lloyd was fighting for his life in the hospital. Other comments suggest Lloyd's departure is something that is difficult for him to adjust in the other dimension that he is having a hard time coping with his new environment in the spiritual world. 

Anyhow, I would like to say may Lloyd Cafe Cadena Rest in Peace in his journey to the spiritual world. Condolence to the family and hoping for a brighter endeavor in the next years to come. 

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