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Wednesday, October 14, 2020


There is one savior for me whenever I am having a set of pimple outbreaks. Collagen Toner by Watsons with Penta Lucent system is the best facial toner that I am optimistic about my face. This toner has the best instant effect on my face, indicating the compatibility on my skin. One thing more, I can feel the freshness upon using this facial toner every after use. There is a feeling of firmness that I believe it can really minimize fine lines around my face and even on my skin.

Collagen Toner by Watsons with Penta Lucent system has five different collagen compounds that are essential to improve the skin's collagen and elastin components. One effect is to firm the face by means of rejuvenating collagen and elastin. The Penta Lucent system aims to eliminate stressed cells responsible for making the face look pale and look darker.

3 Best Tips to eliminate Acne or Pimples and Scars:

1. Wash your face with either your favorite soap or facial cleanser: For best results, it is always essential to use the Collagen Toner with a clean face. Wash your face using any soap or facial cleanser helps to eliminate excess oil, dirt, dead cells, and impurities in your skin. One thing more, washing your face removes harmful bacteria and viruses, responsible for causing infection.

2. Use a base moisturizer right after washing your face: It is important to maintain the moisture of the face after washing with soap. The rationale is to prevent the face and neck from severe dryness that can lead to irritation and discomfort. Base moisturizer restores moisture to the epidermis, which nourishes the cells after washing away all impurities.

3. Apply the toner in a circular motion: After the washing and moisturizing routine took place, it is now time to apply the toner. Use a small amount of cotton to absorb the toner and then begin the circular motion to the face. Start from the frontal area of the face in a circular motion and then around the face. Include the neck and the nape when applying the toner for the best overall results. 

Note: You can apply the toner to your face at least twice a day. For me, I apply once a day before bedtime. My face routine usually takes place before I sleep at night.