Monday, January 20, 2014

How to protect our face from wind burns

What is windburn? this is a medical condition when the skin is exposed to UV exposure even in a cold environment. Windburn is similar with that of sunburn even if it is cold. Windburn is common in cool and dry season when the skin gets dry due to the chilling effects of the cold wind. When exposed to UV rays from the sun on daytime, the skin starts to get burned. People are unaware that windburn can destroy their face due to extreme exposure to sun radiation, which is common during winter season.

Effects of windburn to our skin

1. Causes burns to our epidermis: Our epidermis is the most exposed part of the skin. In this case, it significantly affects the topmost layer when it is exposed to UV radiation. When the skin gets burned, there would be darker and scaly conditions, which could become visible in our face due to the harsh conditions of the environment every time a person goes to a very cold place.

2. Destroys facial integrity: when we get windburn, our face become visually undesirable to others. It is because windburn is considered as blemishes when it occurs on the face, making it embarrassing to other individuals. Windburn destroys the structure of the face especially when the person is strictly taking care of their face at all times.

3. Prone to infection: Windburn penetrates epidermis and sometimes through the subcutaneous layer of the skin. It will then allow external environment to easily penetrate the skin's inner layer where it can integrate pathogens that might cause infection inside the skin. As a result, some windburn could develop pus formation as it allows white blood cells to secrete mucus into the affected part of the skin, which contaminates cells and tissues.

4. Tenderness or pain on the affected area: Windburn triggers sensation response because the affected part can reach the nerve endings of the skin. If this happens, it triggers sensation mechanism allowing the person to feel the impact of their skin's destructive capacity made by windburn. Pain continuous as the impact still surfaces on the epidermis or even the dermis layer containing nerve endings until the skin gets regenerated after few days.

5. Creates scar: Our face is always vulnerable to infection, impurities, and trauma that is why it always leaves behind marks that could last for a lifetime. People who keeps on scratching their face when they are suffering from windburn would likely to suffer scar formation all across their face. This is the reason why some of our friends shows significant signs of scratch marks on their face.

6. Dryness on the skin: Windburn can cause dryness to our skin not only to the face but also to our body. When this particular condition occurs, we expect that there is a significant damage that can be attributed with our skin's integrity. Dryness allows our skin to be vulnerable to abrasion, trauma, and other injuries that would lead to infection and scaring.

Protecting our face from windburn

1. Always put moisturizer: It is always essential that we put moisturizer on our face. The reason behind is that it helps to nourish our face with moisture so that it helps to prevent dryness that might cause irritation that will lead to windburn. Applying moisturizer at least 3 time a day would allow our skin to prevent its pores from being clogged.

2. Wash our body with warm water: During cold weather, our skin's pores are always constricted for the reason that the cold environment allows the pores to get tightened. This is an autonomic response of our body to prevent itself from allowing cold to enter our body as a regulatory response. However, we still need warm water in order for our skin's pores to become relaxed and prevents dryness.

3. Wear protective clothing: Thick clothes helps our body to prevent it from hyppthermia but our skin is still exposed to cold environment that makes it to become stressed. Clothing provides additional heat sensation that will help our body to become more resistant to dryness from infection. Whenever our skin becomes cold protected, it can help itself fight windburn.

4. Apply hydrocortisone: When moisturizer does not have an impact with your skin when you feel that windburn is now imminent, it is the time to apply this over the counter topical solution. This is to help the skin to regenerate and prevent any untoward irritation from happening. Hydrocostisone helps the skin to become dry and prone to allergens even if it is exposed to UV rays from the sun combined with cold temperature.

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