Wednesday, February 20, 2019

THANK YOU for the 1k | 8 Tips how to reach 1000 subscribers in One month...

Building your own channel takes courage and determination before you will start to walk through the right path. As a social media personality, you are not aware that sharing your passion for other individuals becomes a part of your personality wherein you start to build up more pathways and skills to become an influential person. However, the thing that a person can think about is doing the right way to build their road to success.

The challenge for building your own brand or responsibility is to gain followers. Many YouTubers realize that building up their career is a tough way before you will reach a position that you want in life. The only thing is the time and value that you give to others what you have in minds so that people will start looking up to you on a regular basis. I have here some tips for fellow beginners who want to increase their subscribers or followers in other social media profiles.

The feeling of succeeding 1000 subscribers

8 Tips to reach 1000 Subscribers As Soon As Possible

1. Create content as many as possible: As a content creator, you can create anything that comes to your mind. If you have an internet connection, take it as an advantage to upload as many as you want. You will retain more viewers if you create more contents for them to know more about you.

2. Be Responsive: As a content creator, it is always important to take time reading comments from your subscribers. Always like what they comment about your content and make sure to always comment back to what they say in a convenient way. Also, visit your subscriber's channel and react to their videos.

3. Do not be a negative Vlogger or Influencer: You chose the path to become an influencer, which means that avoid negative thoughts. Always show courtesy when there are weird comments or behaviors that you often see in your channel's comment sections. When shooting a video, it is important to show positiveness and never show any signs of arrogance.

4. Be abnormal: This means that you should elevate any content that is above the norm. Vlogging is now becoming competitive. Each vlogger uses their creative ways to entice viewers to gain their attention. Exaggerating expressions, making funny stuff, and using senses of humor are just some of the strategies to make your content more entertaining.

5. Respect the genre of other vloggers: Always respect and be a versatile vlogger to others. I observe that there are some content creators that show differences in terms of their interest. The only problem is that there are specific vloggers that show negativity towards others, simply because they don't want their style of vlogging and starts criticizing them.

6. Accept each other's differences: If you are a vlogger, you should accept everything that surrounds you. If you do not accept the styles of other content creators, this means that you did not fully accept who you really are because you still show signs of insecurities to others.

7. Think positive: This means that every person should have patience on creating content. Patience can reward numerous fruitful consequences if you make a significant hard work with what you do. As a vlogger, the need to show perseverance is the best thing to reach your goal and succeed in your dreams.

8. Accept who you really are: There is nothing more important than to accept who you really are as a person. If you start accepting what you are and embracing what you do in life, then it is time for you to share. People who always hide behind the shadows are afraid of being discovered by anyone just to keep their secrets. If you want to increase your subscribers, you should accept what you have and do in life.

Thank you guys, that's all for what I know how to help you guys. good luck with your channel.

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