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Monday, July 25, 2022

New and Affordable Beach Resort: BeachCamp by LOC in Caba, La Union, Philippines | Travel Tips and Ratings

This is a glimpse of BeachCamp Resort by LOC in Elyu (La Union), a resort that offers a calm getaway for both local and international travelers or tourists. It gives a calming ambiance to those who want to escape from a stressful environment. For tourists, taking a dose of Vitamin Sea eliminates stress and negativity from work, home, and toxic friends. 

More info at my Facebook Page: Story of Anthony


BeachCamp by LOC is one of the newest beach resorts in Caba, La Union. The place is specifically located at Barangay Santiago Sur, Caba, La Union, Philippines. It will take at least 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Baguio, 2-4 hrs drive from the North in Ilocandia while it will take you at least 4-6 hours from Manila. 

Note: The Google map and Waze show that you have reached your destination when reaching a swampy area and it will seem the Google Map made an incorrect arrival spot. The next thing you have to do is to follow the unpaved road on the right side. 

Check-in time is 2pm while Check-out time is 12noon the next day


Open Kubo (Php 1000 for 8 pax day rate)

This is a spacious area for family or friends who wants to spend their day relaxing and unwinding. 

A -Type Kubo (Php 1700 for 4 pax overnight) 

A unique type of accommodation that makes you feel like camping along the beach.

Aircon Room with Toilet (Php 2400 for 4 pax overnight)

Best for a family who wants to spend overnight in the resort. 

The scenic view

Grabbed from my drone, the place is pristine with grey sand that looks similarly white during the day. The area is not that populated as compared to other resorts in San Fernando and San Juan in La Union. What I love is the absence of rocky landscapes across the shorelines. Even if you go far like a distance of 20 meters, the water level is still below your waistline. 

Mysterious Sea Fireflies

The owner forgot to inform me about the presence of "sea fireflies". These are the bioluminescent planktons that react to any movement along the shorelines, giving a luminous glow during the night. This is best observed during the Full Moon.

The Beach

The whole stretch of coastline is not rocky at all. the area has smooth grey sand. You can walk along the beach while enjoying its warm breeze. It is not mossy, it is not murky, and you can build sand castles. There are no sharks, no snakes, or crocodiles. 

My Ratings

1. Service (10/10): The staff provides an approachable ambiance, making you feel at home during your stay at the resort. They are jolly, easy to mingle with, and you can even share different stories under a cup of coffee or any juice drink. 

2. Ambiance (10/10): This is the best part. The place is still virgin with little or no resorts nearby. There is an obvious observation of a lesser crowd than other resorts in the area. You can relax without having concerns with other guests. 

3. Facilities (8/10): The place is still under construction. Soon, there will be new amenities such as swimming pools and function halls. Perhaps more rooms for additional guests in the area. 

4. Expenses (10/10): The place is really cheap. The room rates, food, and other expenses are considerably affordable. Since we availed of the Aircon room, 5 bottles of juice, and 4 breakfast, I only paid a total of Php 3,785. If you compare it with the expenses of other resorts, it will really cost you more than Php 5,000 or more. 

5. Safety (9/10): I forgot to mention this in my vlog. I would say 9/10. You cannot really say it is 100% safe due to the different personalities and psychological capacity of other guests and other locals within the area. Guarding your belongings is still the best thing to prevent any untoward incidents. 


Definitely worth recommending this resort. I will probably return again if given the chance to unwind with friends, family, or a lifetime partner. 

For more information, visit their Facebook Page: BeachCamp by LOC

Have fun and enjoy

Saturday, February 9, 2019

This is the Cleaner Manila Bay after the initial Rehabilitation

When you say Manila Bay, this is the famous Bay that Metro Manila always passes through the Roxas Boulevard. Before, many people just ignore the Baywalk while traversing the Roxas Boulevard in the capital city of Manila. In recent events, President Rodrigo Duterte announced to rehabilitate Manila Bay area as part of his campaign to make the Philippines safe and a cleaner place to stay. Now, Manila Bay has a new look that is now generating an instant attraction.

As I went to Manila Bay, I noticed something new. I saw a shore that has no garbage on it along the stretch of the Manila Bay on its east side along the Roxas Boulevard. That time became a surreal moment for me as I became ecstatic on how the City government of Manila is now keeping the Roxas Boulevard to look more appealing to all passers-by. I guess this is the first time that the local government units decided to make Manila Bay cleaner and to give more attracting aura to the public.

Me at the Manila Bay
As I arrived in Manila when I stomped into one of our local bus terminals, we took a rest for at least an hour before heading towards the Roxas Boulevard. And when I stepped into that Baywalk, I immediately went to the concrete platform and then saw the boulders protecting the wall. I became excited to escape from that concrete barrier and stepped to the rocks down towards the sand. I felt that surreal moment as I took a video and started to capture some of the colorful lights from the skyscrapers and the calm waters of Manila Bay.

One thing that I observed was when people wear jackets in a hot and humid area. I came to realize that it was the first week of February that day, which is one of the coldest dates in the year. From November to March, the northern Philippines experiences cold and dry weather due to the influence of Siberian winds from the north that goes down towards the West Pacific basin. I was also surprised to feel that it was indeed cold at that time when I arrived in Manila at 4:30 in the morning. People around me seems to be wearing jackets until the morning sun came through the horizon.

When I got into Roxas Boulevard, I really don't know how to start my vlog. My introduction, my main body, and conclusion. I immediately turned my camera on and started filming because we only have a few minutes to spend in that cold and slightly dark boulevard. I saw a few people who are taking their respective selfies to capture a special moment with their partners. Families start to gather in the area and some vendors are preparing them merchandise to sell their products.

I immediately stepped into the concrete barrier and then stepped into the huge boulders that act as protectors from the raging tides. When I get back on the shore, I realized that it was indeed clean. Well, I knew for a fact that a few inches away from the shore over the waters lies hidden rubbish of garbage submerged underwater.

While experiencing the surreal ambiance, I continued my video recordings while standing on the thin sandy shore of the beach as I document myself. After a few seconds, I return to the Baywalk, documented another clips to close the whole story and then closed the camera. Then I went to Makati to fix some papers.

A day after that visit to the Manila Bay, the local government units restricted any individual from approaching the shores of that area due to the threat of health. I was lucky enough to be there even for a few moment.

Did you love my story?