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Sunday, September 17, 2023

SOBRANG SARAP | Trying Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina in Baguio City | Fusion of Filipino-Mexican Cuisine Restaurant Food Vlog

 If you are looking for a Mexican dish to satisfy your palate, Silantro is one of the Restaurants that I can recommend when you are in Baguio City. The name of the Restaurant is "Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina", which I discovered has multiple branches across NCR, Central Luzon, and Northern Luzon, Philippines. The location is on the Ground Floor of Summer Pines Residences, along Marcos Highway, Baguio City.

The place is smartly located in a spot where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Santo Tomas Volcano if you choose to sit on the veranda area. However, when the weather is rainy, you have no choice but to take your seat inside for your health and safety.

In this blog, I will be making a food blog rating based on what I experienced firsthand during my visit to the place as a first-time patron. My rating will be based on the ambiance of the place, the service of the staff, the quality of the food, and the price. 

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The Ambiance: 9.5/10

The rating is almost perfect. The remainder is due to the weather factor. You will be the luckiest person if you happen to visit the area when the weather is fair and sunny. This will be the best opportunity for you to enjoy the relaxing view of Marcos Highway, the southern portion of Baguio City. You can enjoy Al-Fresco dining with your loved ones if you opt to have a breath of fresh air.

The Service: 9.5/10

What I love about is the fast service. The average serving time is 5 minutes and it is considered super fast. I also noticed that the staff were all welcoming upon entrance until exit with their warm smile. All staff are approachable and always initiate all your needs while making sure you will get comfortable and relaxed. 

The Price: 9/10

Most of the prices are reasonable and affordable if you compare them on the menu. There are foods that anyone can avail of without worrying about their pockets. Some specialties are worth the price, given the trademark of the restaurant's high-quality Filipino-Mexican dishes. We should thank the chef for their unwavering talent for keeping our palate satisfied with these unique flavors. 

The Food: 9.5/10

I must say, I can't get enough of the 5-course meals that we availed during the visit. The chicken burritos are so good that I can eat more than I can chew. My favorite Silantro Paella Fajita never failed to amaze my palate. Good thing we ordered a high-fiber Lucha Nacho Completos. I also can't stop eating Beef tacos, which are undeniably indeed their best-selling food. But I am surprised by the cheesy Quesadilla as the underrated course.


Overall, I am satisfied with my visit to Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina, Baguio City Branch.  The staff made us all feel comfortable during our stay and made sure all our needs were met. We felt safe while enjoying the sumptuous food available in the place and enjoyed each flavor. The staff always initiates if we need something, which is an impressive way to entertain guests. 

I definitely will recommend this place as I never felt any signs of uneasiness. Upon my return, I will try other menus that I have yet to devour and satisfy my stomach in the future. I am grateful to have restaurants in our area serving dishes from other cultures for the locals to try.

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