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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Keeping our body part away from frostbites

Frostbite is a fearful disease among many residents that are living in a temperate environment. It is because it is a condition where there is a localized damage that can happen to a certain tissue, cell, or organ that is visible to the eye. Frostbites affects parts of the body that is away from the heart to have lesser supply of oxygen due to lack of capillaries. This includes hands and feet because these are the farthest part of the body from the heart. Frostbite can affect most parts of our fingers, toes, ears, nose,  lips, and even in our eyelids in rare cases.

Effective ways to keep our body parts away from frostbites:

1. Avoid going to cold areas: During winter, people are always exposed to frostbites for the reason that the presence of an extreme temperature is now affecting the body to be exposed from extreme cold. Staying indoors is the best way to prevent frostbite because our home is our first line of extreme temperature event because the walls of our homes insulate our body to keep it from warm. Avoid going outside where there is an ongoing snow or blizzard that might further risk your health that may lead to injuries as well as body part damages in the near future.

2. Wear thick clothing: It is always advisable to wear very thick clothing during the winter season for the reason the all-weather pattern is unpredictable. You might be getting caught in the middle of an ice storm or a polar vortex weather pattern, which could degrade the stability of your body from an extreme environment. wearing thick clothing allows your body to increase its core body temperature. Having a warm environment allows your body to increase protection against the development of frostbite in the future.

3. Use clothing accessories: This includes wearing gloves that help to protect your hand from an extremely cold temperature that can risk from getting frostbite. Wearing socks helps your feet to prevent it from being vulnerable to frostbite, which can temporarily cause difficulty of walking due to the presence of pain that has been produced by the frostbite. Wearing bonnets and ear protective cover helps your ears from being exposed to an extreme cold temperature that can be at risk for getting frostbites.

4. Drink plenty of warm water: Drinking a glass of look warm water on an hourly basis helps your body to maintain its core body temperature as well as to promote the body to be prevented from harm. Water helps to replenish our cardiovascular system, which helps the body to experience warmer temperature and prevents it from hypothermia. Warm water cleanses the bloodstream that can further promote active circulation that supplements oxygen to farthest parts of the body.

5. Eat regularly: Eating is an effective source of heat generating agent because when our body ingests food, it breaks down carbohydrate that generates energy. When there is an energy being stored in our body, it will then now help to release heat that would help to insulate the body that can prevent itself from developing frostbites. This is always recommended so that our body maintains its core body temperature, which is responsible for keeping itself warm and avoids frostbite from developing at a certain period of time.

6. Use heat generating facilities: Portable or gas generated pipelines that provide heat indoors helps our body to prevent itself from suffering to frostbites. Countries experiencing harsh winter conditions are installing gas powered households and using portable heaters that help to insulate their homes. When there is the heat that is always processed indoors, the body in particular with highly exposed parts will never be at risk from developing frostbites especially at night when the temperature reaches its coldest level.

7. Sleeping: This particular process allows the body to regain its optimum health development. When sleeping, always ensure that the body is covered with the thick blanket so that there would be sleeping pattern disturbance or disruption associated with cold temperature. Sleeping always allows the body to normalize its core body temperature especially when it had been previously exposed to extreme temperatures during the winter season of the year.