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What are the effects of Acupuncture to our beauty and health?

Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is one of the oldest medical practice in the world originated in China. TCM is an alternative medicine that can be integrated or applied separately by a patient suffering from a disease. The disease that can be chosen can be either skin disease or pediatric disease. Acupuncture is a type of treatment used for TCM that aims to alleviate signs and symptoms of distress. Acupuncture is a part of TCM, which provides a therapeutic impact on a person's health and wellness.

It is because it utilizes Ying Tang approach or the impulse between the positive and negative vibes that affects the health of a person suffering from an ailment. 

Effects of Acupuncture to the skin and body

This particular treatment has been going on for more several thousands of years when ancient Chinese doctors discovered that puncturing specific body parts provides a solution to improve the health and wellness of a patient. In contrast, Acupuncture is only limited to the application of puncture using needles in order to allow the body to experience a significant decrease with a certain disease. Acupuncture can be applied all over the body because it aims to provide therapeutic impact on the body of an individual's physiological status to normalize. Unlike other TCM therapies that are only limited to a certain part of the body because there is a harmful impact that can be applied if there is too much application of other TCM.

The effects of acupuncture help the skins to regenerate as it helps the skin cells to be rejuvenated. The impact can be long term because it helps to reduce fine lines, visible scars, as well as allergies. In this case, the skin will look more smooth that can help to appear younger and soft to touch than before. Acupuncture can help promote homeopathic activation response to the body, which can help cells to be signaled with the stimulus, which can help to promote the immune system to drive away pathogens. Free radicals all over the body can be also removed for the reason that the impact of acupuncture can significantly help to increase all kinds of antigens to fight against bad products or toxins that are responsible for causing diseases to our body. 

Application of Acupuncture

Acupressure is a TCM treatment that utilizes pressure to be applied to any part of the body depending on the orders of the therapist. Acupressure helps to solve dependencies provided by western medicines that heavily rely on taking oral medications. The purpose of acupressure is to apply pressure to the patient's affected body part so that their health and wellness improves along with the integration of modern medicine to their body. The pressure points provide two different faces of acupuncture treatment such as the application of positive and negative forces needed by the body to balance its health continuum. 

Acupressure has been used by traditional Chinese doctors to ensure that ancient Chinese during ancient times to promote their health and prevent further complications of their disease. In contrast, acupressure is applied using pressure points that is different from the application of acupuncture and other alternative such as the application of other known TCM. Application of pressure has a limited time to be applied because it causes trauma to a certain part of the body being inflicted with intense pressure to circulate the blood. Acupressure is easier to be applied than the application of acupuncture and other traditional medicine because it only needs pressure points to clear out the system. 

Significance of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is in clinical medicine provides another significant method to cure or treat diseases that affect the physiology of the body. Although there was limited use of modern scientific method, Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective practice of alleviating symptoms that is why it has existed for several thousands of years. This includes acupressure and acupuncture, which have similar intent to the human body because it helps to promote optimum human functioning in order to harmonize the body against medical diseases. More and more cultures from other parts of the world are opting to use acupuncture for the reason that it provides a new breakthrough to help decrease signs and symptoms of several diseases. 

Acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine covers more alternative methods aside from acupressure and acupuncture because there are more similar methods that aim to strengthen the body's immune system from infection. Acupuncture therapy is considered to be as a painless and non-invasive procedure as compared with modern medicine that manages to employ surgical procedures that can bring potential health risks. In addition, Acupuncture is considered an alternative to modern medical treatments that were not that effective to treat a certain type of disease.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The benefits of ice to your skin

Ice from refrigerator
Ice refers to a liquid that has been frozen for some time that makes it into a solid matter when the temperature reaches down to at least zero degrees Celsius. The usual color of ice is opaque and whitish in color but it can appear to many forms of color depending on the composition of the liquid that has been mixed with impurities. This includes brownish when it is mixed with soil, blackish when mixed with chemicals, and reddish if it is mixed with soil rich in oxidized iron. Ice is commonly found in polar areas where the temperature is always at its freezing.

Ice can be utilized as a beneficial material to the body. This is only applied on acertain amountsas well as exposing it ti any body surface to to a certain period of time. There are several spa around the world who are using ice as one of their therapeutic interventions to help the skin rejuvenate and beautify. The main active mechanism of ice is about its temperature that helps to provide therapeutic impact to a person's skin and body. This pertains to ice cubes that are stored in a clean and secured place for skin use. These are ice cubes that have smooth surfaces and not just other ordinary ices with sharp edges that can potentially cause injury to the skin.

Benefits of ice to your skin

1. Closes pores: Ice is an effective constricting agent for the reason that it helps the pores of the skin to become tightened for several hours since its application. This is recommended for individuals who are planning to go outside to initially apply ice on their face so that they will not suddenly experience oily surfaces across the body. This includes the face, back, chest, neck, and hands. Ice is commonly applied on the face because it is the part of the body where it is the most exposed to the environment. Putting ice on the surface of the face helps to decrease oil formation as a mechanism to prolong the freshness of the face that can run for several hours.

2. Moisturizes the skin: Ice is an effective moisturizer on the skin because it is a frozen liquid, which acts as a replenishing agent to the skin. It means that the skin can prevent itself from becoming dry, which is a dramatic impact that improves its texture. The hard surface of the ice melts when it gets contact with wthe armer or hotter skin surface, which can be absorbed by the skin during its exposure. The water that is now being absorbed by the skin helps to fill in with the gaps of cells needing moisture in order to be regenerated. When the skin is moisturized, it can fasten its regeneration process by changing dead cells to new cells, which makes itself to be more radiant and supple.

3. Exercises blood vessels on the skin: The constricting effects of freezing temperature applied on a certain area of the skin surface automatically creates an impact to all affected cells and tissues. This creates a chain reaction just beneath the skin's dermis and subcutaneous layer that produces movements not only with the blood vessel alone but also surrounding fat and muscle layers of the skin in a localized manner. This impact could generate blood flow as the cooling effect of the ice can only be just applied for at least 1-2 seconds as it pass through different parts of the skin that allows other cells, tissues, and organs to be experiencing the same effect.

4. Releases stored energy: Our skin's subcutaneous layer stores fat inside the skin. In this case, fat deposits can be transformed into energy when it will by synthesized by the muscle through ca onstriction. It is not true that fat may further harden inside muscle fibers for the reason that the application of ice can only last for a short period that only allows chain reaction by moving the muscle fiber together in order to improve the integrity of the skin. When energy is released, nutrients can further support the skin's integrity by being nourished by the red blood cells passing through the skin layers to provide another oxygen nourishment.

5. Increases skin metabolism: There are different hormones that are being stored inside the skin. When ice is applied to sthe kin surface, it improves the skin metabolism by allowing healthy elements to be helping the skin to regenerate itself. Hormones needs activating factor such as the cool temperature mechanism produced by the ice so that the chain reaction such as the initiation of muscle fiber movement allows hormones to work properly across the skin. When metabolism is activated when the ice is applied on the skin, all cells, tissues, and other organs can absorb the nutrients due to the stimulating mechanism of the temperature whenever the ice is applied to the surface of the skin.

6. Decreases allergy: Rashes all across the skin can be relieved by applying ice on the surface of the affected area. The rationale is that the soothing effect brought about by the cool temperature of the ice constricts muscles, fibers, and blood vessels in the affected area that aims to decrease the amount of prostaglandin, which is responsible for causing redness and irritation of the skin. The constricting mechanism made by the temperature of the ice can drive away neutrophils and histamine, which is responsible for causing an allergic reaction to the skin's affected area.

7. Stops bleeding: When a person is suffering from mild bleeding that is manifested by having a shallow abrasion or cut to the affected part, using ice can be one of the best applicator to stop bleeding. Ice is placed only when the bleeding part is covered with bandage so that the melting surface of the ice will not reach the affected part of the bleeding skin, which could further cause more contamination of the skin. The reason behind is that it helps to constrict injured blood vessel so that there will be no more blood to gush out to the surface of the skin.

8. Soothes burns and burning sensation: Ice is always recommended for patients suffering from an injury due to trauma to their affected part to place ice on it. The reason behind is that ice can help to counteract against the sensation made by the injured nerves caused by an injury. Whenever the ice is applied to the injured but with no bleeding, the irritation can be relieved minutes after the ice have already been applied to the affected part of the body or the skin. This will decrease the level of the pain threshold, which is causing the person to lose its sense of having a comfortable environment due to the presence of injury to their part of the body.

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Skin bleaching to improve your beauty

My Skin bleaching product
Skin bleaching is the process of utilizing chemical substances that attempts to lighten the complexion of the skin. This particular chemical process aims to reduce the concentration of melanin concentration across the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Skin bleaching is also known as skin whitening or skin lightening, which emerged in the 20th century as a new cultural trend to Asian and African communities. Skin bleaching has been more popular to developing countries for the reason that these countries are populated by Asian and Black race.

Developed countries are populated with Caucasian individuals, which are light skinned that do not need any skin bleaching procedures. Medical experts claims that skin bleaching is not always safe to public's use for the reason that there are skin bleaching products that contains harmful chemicals that can destroy your health.

History of skin bleaching

Before the modern era, which dates back 5000 to 7000 years ago, Persians what is now Iran are always exposed to extreme heat. They discovered that applying hydroquinone is an efficient skin pigment regeneration to prevent sun burns. Hydroquinone was extracted from mushrooms, in which it is an active ingredient secreted by this fungus. During the same period, Egyptians blended hydroquinone with Aloe Vera as a form of facial whitening substance applied for women and men exposed to extreme heat. During the start of the current era, Native American Indian civilizations utilized fruit extracts such as lime, berries, and other plant extracts to exfoliate their skin that produces glowing skin. In ancient Asian civilizations such as in Japan, China, Korea, and Mongolia, skin bleaching skin bleaching has been introduced using basic household items such as salt, sugar, and plant extract. These combinations of whitening chemicals are applied usually on the face that is used for elite members of the society. 

Why people bleach their skin?

1. Political: In ancient society, skin bleaching represents wealth for the reason that as an elite member of the society, you should always look good in order to maintain positive impression to the public audience. Today, skin bleaching products are now being regulated by the society through implementation of product safety standards. The presence of introduced product related laws and policies applies with local and international trends aims to protect the society from harmful effects of skin bleaching such as allergic reaction or diseases. Laws are evident in the society for the reason that there are previous cases of injuries such as burns caused by fake skin bleaching products.

2. Economical: Today, skin bleaching products are costly and impractical, which is why only for those who can afford are the ones that can avail skin lightening products. If you want to have a lighter complexion, you should have the financial capacity to purchase bleaching products. It means that skin bleaching still represents social class of individuals because skin bleaching is considered as a luxurious item. Similar from previous societies, skin bleaching is still considered to represent a person's social class because they can maintain their youthful skin integrity using their financial resources.

3. Social: Skin bleaching represents fame and affection to others such as becoming more attractive when seen by others. It is because women and other metro sexual individuals believe that using whitening products allows them to allure others to become infatuated with them. It is a practice when a certain individual utilizes skin bleaching products for them to look good during socialization such as parties, events, and going to recreational places. Affection is one of the most utilized factors when it comes to skin bleaching activities because it allows a user to have the chance to look good.

4. Health: Skin bleaching is considered to be as efficient skin maintenance for the reason that there are numerous health benefits that can be acquired aside from lightening the skin. This is the reason why more and more individuals in the developing world to enroll themselves with skin bleaching activities. They believe that their health benefits from this particular process for the reason that one of the main reason of skin bleaching is to improve the integrity of the skin.

Methods and Procedures of skin bleaching

1. Topical application: There are chemically formulated creams, gels, and other semi liquid substances that are specifically used for stimulating pigment disappearance. Bleaching products are enclosed in a solid container in order to be sealed from environmental contamination. These creams are applied to any part of the body that is desired by a certain individual to lighten its shade. This includes the face, underarms, knee, elbows, arms, and legs. This topical application directly stimulates skin cells in order to change its own melanin integrity of a person. 

2. Oral method: There are skin bleaching products that are now manufactured as a form of an oral supplement. It is because this method aims to promote systemic circulation that equally lightens the skin of an individual. Most oral skin lightening products are recommended to take the oral pill for at least twice a day. It is considered to be more effective than topical skin bleaching because the formulated chemical products are more effective when absorbed orally. This particular method is slightly to be more expensive than topical skin bleaching for the reason that it is used for a longer period of time.

3. Intravenous injections: Today, pure skin lightening solutions are now available to be infused directly in a person's blood stream through venous puncture. This is the most effective skin bleaching product online because a user can observe the effectiveness of the product for at least 2 days after the infusion of the intravenous solution skin bleaching formula. This method is also considered as the most expensive due to the extent of its efficiency to a certain user. Intravenous injection method or procedure is only facilitated by a licensed medical professional such as doctors and nurses because it is an invasive procedure aiming to have a lighter skin complexion.

4. Laser treatment: With the use of latest technology, custom made laser is another innovative procedure that utilizes low concentrated beam that is only formulated to target melanin pigment and also with the proliferation of dark spots. As they target melanin, the energy released from the laser allows each melanin to become benign and later on diminished. Laser treatment is just some of the latest method being introduced in the market to cater individuals especially in the developing world to be involved in skin bleaching process. Lasers can be applied to a certain body part or whole body using a massive laser treatment machine that is usually served in spa.

Negative effects of skin bleaching

1. Chemical burn: Not all skin bleaching topical applicators are always effective because some fraudulent companies are mixing harmful chemicals as a risky solution to drive more sales. As a consequence, harmful chemicals can irritate the skin causing burns particularly on the applied area. If the condition worsens, it can develop into second or third degree burns that can cause severe allergic reaction. Chemical burns can be a painful consequence for the reason that the skin is surrounded by peripheral nerve endings responsible for the enhancing the sensation of the integumentary system.

2. Allergic reaction: oral skin bleaching supplements are not advisable to be taken by all women living in the third world country for the reason that they can suffer from unexpected allergic reaction. There are chemicals that are contained in each pill that can cause irritations across the body, which can later on progress into a severe disease. Fake pills circulating on the market can elude consumers to take the product and develop similar health threats in the future. 

3. Infection: Some products that are being sold in the market might be expired, in which it is already contaminated with yeasts. For intravenous infections, some spa is reusing needles, which may contain deadly virus and bacteria such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and pseudomonas that can risk the user's health. Creams that are manufactured by cosmetic companies might have enclosed a dead insect or small animals in a certain container, which harbors bacterial proliferation while the product is enclosed. 

4. Malpractice: Spa operators can be operating illegally in order to generate profits. In this case, patients that are undergoing skin bleaching treatment were usually not satisfied with the results. Instead of expecting to have a lightened skin, their skin develops injuries such as burns, infection, and injuries. Some of these incidents may cause severe disease progression and in other case, it can lead to mortality related cases. There is a legal dispute going on for the reason that the patient has been a victim of ethical malpractice.

Keeping our body part away from frostbites

Frostbite is a fearful disease among many residents that are living in a temperate environment. It is because it is a condition where there is a localized damage that can happen to a certain tissue, cell, or organ that is visible to the eye. Frostbites affects parts of the body that is away from the heart to have lesser supply of oxygen due to lack of capillaries. This includes hands and feet because these are the farthest part of the body from the heart. Frostbite can affect most parts of our fingers, toes, ears, nose,  lips, and even in our eyelids in rare cases.

Effective ways to keep our body parts away from frostbites:

1. Avoid going to cold areas: During winter, people are always exposed to frostbites for the reason that the presence of an extreme temperature is now affecting the body to be exposed from extreme cold. Staying indoors is the best way to prevent frostbite because our home is our first line of extreme temperature event because the walls of our homes insulate our body to keep it from warm. Avoid going outside where there is an ongoing snow or blizzard that might further risk your health that may lead to injuries as well as body part damages in the near future.

2. Wear thick clothing: It is always advisable to wear very thick clothing during the winter season for the reason the all-weather pattern is unpredictable. You might be getting caught in the middle of an ice storm or a polar vortex weather pattern, which could degrade the stability of your body from an extreme environment. wearing thick clothing allows your body to increase its core body temperature. Having a warm environment allows your body to increase protection against the development of frostbite in the future.

3. Use clothing accessories: This includes wearing gloves that help to protect your hand from an extremely cold temperature that can risk from getting frostbite. Wearing socks helps your feet to prevent it from being vulnerable to frostbite, which can temporarily cause difficulty of walking due to the presence of pain that has been produced by the frostbite. Wearing bonnets and ear protective cover helps your ears from being exposed to an extreme cold temperature that can be at risk for getting frostbites.

4. Drink plenty of warm water: Drinking a glass of look warm water on an hourly basis helps your body to maintain its core body temperature as well as to promote the body to be prevented from harm. Water helps to replenish our cardiovascular system, which helps the body to experience warmer temperature and prevents it from hypothermia. Warm water cleanses the bloodstream that can further promote active circulation that supplements oxygen to farthest parts of the body.

5. Eat regularly: Eating is an effective source of heat generating agent because when our body ingests food, it breaks down carbohydrate that generates energy. When there is an energy being stored in our body, it will then now help to release heat that would help to insulate the body that can prevent itself from developing frostbites. This is always recommended so that our body maintains its core body temperature, which is responsible for keeping itself warm and avoids frostbite from developing at a certain period of time.

6. Use heat generating facilities: Portable or gas generated pipelines that provide heat indoors helps our body to prevent itself from suffering to frostbites. Countries experiencing harsh winter conditions are installing gas powered households and using portable heaters that help to insulate their homes. When there is the heat that is always processed indoors, the body in particular with highly exposed parts will never be at risk from developing frostbites especially at night when the temperature reaches its coldest level.

7. Sleeping: This particular process allows the body to regain its optimum health development. When sleeping, always ensure that the body is covered with the thick blanket so that there would be sleeping pattern disturbance or disruption associated with cold temperature. Sleeping always allows the body to normalize its core body temperature especially when it had been previously exposed to extreme temperatures during the winter season of the year.

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Basic knowledge about the skin

The skin is considered as the first line of defense because it is an organ that covers all internal organs all over the body. The skin represents our physical and visual image because it is the first thing that other individuals see when we go outside. Environmental forces such as the climate, trauma, and outside stress are usually responsible for producing shear force that hurts our skin. This is the reason why people are always taking care of their skin at all times so that they are not vulnerable to diseases, trauma, and physical force that would cause injury to their skin. Our body needs the skin so that it can prolong its life from any sorts of dangerous threats or exposures that leads to harm.

Parts of the skin: