Wednesday, February 27, 2019

OATMEAL FOR PIMPLES? 3 Benefits of oats to your face and body

They always say that oatmeal is the best for your health because it can nourish your skin with essential nutrients. This food can help regenerate the nutrient balance in your body due to it is a safe and ability to cleanse every system in your body. For many, oatmeal is now a part of their diet routine at any meal time. People who consume oatmeal a day can significantly feel more comfortable due to the benefits of this food to the body.

Most people think that eating oatmeal will not only benefit their internal health. This food can also cleanse your skin's impurities that people do not even know it at all. As oatmeal has the ability to cleanse our body to flush unessential nutrients, the results become impressive to the skin. As you start to eat oatmeal on a regular basis, it can slowly remove impurities and makes your health become interactive.

Oatmeal for your pimples

Three Benefits of Oats to your Body

1. High in fiber that cleanses the digestive system: Oatmeals contains essential fiber materials that are helpful for eliminating all unwanted materials in your body. Once the fiber content reaches your intestine, it softens hardened materials along the walls of the intestines. The mechanism of fiber starts to remove any forms of unwanted chemicals and parasites all the way through the rectum through the process of defecation. Fiber is important to prevent the formation of cancer cells that can shorten our lifespan.

2. Decreases risk for developing heart ailments: Heart disease is one of the main causes of mortality rates in our society. In the Philippines, heart disease is one of the leading precursors of stroke. When eating oatmeal, you will notice that your weight will gradually slow down. Eating oatmeal religiously cleanses the digestive system that can enhance proper absorption of essential nutrients in the body. As an oatmeal eater, my body began to shed fats that are responsible for the low-density lipid production all over the body.

3. Reduces pimple and acne breakouts: Eating oatmeal on a regular basis can significantly cleanse your digestive and circulatory systems. The mechanism of action is to allow the cleansing power of the fiber to cleanse the liver. When the liver rejuvenates, it eliminates unwanted impurity in the integumentary system or the skin. The dirt and free radicals allow the epithelial cells to regenerate, making the skin look fresh. When the body has a clearer skin, it can improve its texture and appearance on a gradual basis.

I highly recommend oatmeal as your everyday meal, especially for your breakfast. After eating it for at least two weeks, you will notice that your bloated abdomen will decrease its size. You will notice that your food cravings frequency starts to decrease even if you are looking at your favorite meal. Oatmeal can definitely make your health improve for both internal and external.

I hope you like my article for a better explanation for the video.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

TOOTHPASTE FOR BLACKHEADS? | Is it effective to use Colgate to remove whiteheads?

When we think about blackheads, this is a condition wherein there is a hardened impurity that accumulates inside our pores. These impurities come out as blackish dots in our face. As they come out, they resemble like heads that acts like peeping through the surface of the skin. When the heads appear to have a whiter shade, they are referred to as whiteheads. Blackheads or whiteheads can cause acne or pimple breakout as the hardened sebum causes germ accumulation.

Nowadays, there are many spa or facial clinics that offer a variety of skin care treatments. Most skin care services concentrate on the face as it is one of the most exposed parts of our body aside from our hands. Pricking pores filled with hardened sebum with impurities creates an agonizing pain. Skincare developers release products that can strip off blackheads or whiteheads. The only thing is, the accessibility is limited as it is only available in supermarkets, drugstores, or in beauty stores. However, I can tell you one effective remedy to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads from your face.

I try using toothpaste for blackheads

How to remove Blackheads or Whiteheads using toothpaste? 

Things that you need

1. Pick any toothpaste of your choice: For as long as you have toothpaste, you are now ready to prepare and then get your nose ready for an impurity revolution. Any brand of toothpaste is acceptable in this procedure. It can be Colgate, Aquafresh, Ciptadel, Exceed, Happee, or anything you want.

2. Toothbrush: The most important thing is to use a brand new toothbrush to use the product to your nose. A preferred toothbrush with a flat shape that can fit into the curved surface of your nose when currently rinsing it with the toothpaste.

3. Water: Before and after performing the procedure, it is best to rinse your face to either prepare or finish the procedure with a clean towel.


1. Rinse your face with warm water and soap: Warm water causes the smooth muscles in your face to dilate and open the pores. Gently exfoliate your face to slowly penetrate impurities. There is some impurity that blocks the pores. Then dry it with a soft towel.

2. Apply moisturizer. To prevent further irritation on your nose, it is best to apply moisturizer in your face, in particular to your nose. Use your favorite moisturizers and then leave it for at least five minutes until dry.

3. Apply the toothpaste: Gently apply the toothpaste of your choice into your nose area. Make sure that the entire nose is covered with toothpaste.

4. Scrub the nose using toothpaste: After applying toothpaste in your entire nose, it is now time to scrub the whole face. Scrub it between three to five minutes until you feel the minty sensation all over your nose.

5. Rinse your nose with cold water. Cold water helps to close your pores after hours of exfoliation with toothpaste and toothbrush.

6. Use moisturizer and mix it with your favorite cream: To prevent further irritation, it is best to reapply another layer of moisturizer in your face including the nose area.

*So that's it. After rinsing, you will start to feel that your face becomes smoother after the procedure. You will notice from the tip of your hands that your nose is now cleaner. Hope you love these tips and enjoy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

THANK YOU for the 1k | 8 Tips how to reach 1000 subscribers in One month...

Building your own channel takes courage and determination before you will start to walk through the right path. As a social media personality, you are not aware that sharing your passion for other individuals becomes a part of your personality wherein you start to build up more pathways and skills to become an influential person. However, the thing that a person can think about is doing the right way to build their road to success.

The challenge for building your own brand or responsibility is to gain followers. Many YouTubers realize that building up their career is a tough way before you will reach a position that you want in life. The only thing is the time and value that you give to others what you have in minds so that people will start looking up to you on a regular basis. I have here some tips for fellow beginners who want to increase their subscribers or followers in other social media profiles.

The feeling of succeeding 1000 subscribers

8 Tips to reach 1000 Subscribers As Soon As Possible

1. Create content as many as possible: As a content creator, you can create anything that comes to your mind. If you have an internet connection, take it as an advantage to upload as many as you want. You will retain more viewers if you create more contents for them to know more about you.

2. Be Responsive: As a content creator, it is always important to take time reading comments from your subscribers. Always like what they comment about your content and make sure to always comment back to what they say in a convenient way. Also, visit your subscriber's channel and react to their videos.

3. Do not be a negative Vlogger or Influencer: You chose the path to become an influencer, which means that avoid negative thoughts. Always show courtesy when there are weird comments or behaviors that you often see in your channel's comment sections. When shooting a video, it is important to show positiveness and never show any signs of arrogance.

4. Be abnormal: This means that you should elevate any content that is above the norm. Vlogging is now becoming competitive. Each vlogger uses their creative ways to entice viewers to gain their attention. Exaggerating expressions, making funny stuff, and using senses of humor are just some of the strategies to make your content more entertaining.

5. Respect the genre of other vloggers: Always respect and be a versatile vlogger to others. I observe that there are some content creators that show differences in terms of their interest. The only problem is that there are specific vloggers that show negativity towards others, simply because they don't want their style of vlogging and starts criticizing them.

6. Accept each other's differences: If you are a vlogger, you should accept everything that surrounds you. If you do not accept the styles of other content creators, this means that you did not fully accept who you really are because you still show signs of insecurities to others.

7. Think positive: This means that every person should have patience on creating content. Patience can reward numerous fruitful consequences if you make a significant hard work with what you do. As a vlogger, the need to show perseverance is the best thing to reach your goal and succeed in your dreams.

8. Accept who you really are: There is nothing more important than to accept who you really are as a person. If you start accepting what you are and embracing what you do in life, then it is time for you to share. People who always hide behind the shadows are afraid of being discovered by anyone just to keep their secrets. If you want to increase your subscribers, you should accept what you have and do in life.

Thank you guys, that's all for what I know how to help you guys. good luck with your channel.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

5 Best Hangover remedies using Pedialite plus Shower, Vitamin B and Water

If you are always going to parties, you often experience hangover symptoms after waking up the next day. When you feel dizziness as your vision is still churning around as you rise from the bed or sofa, there is something wrong with your body. The agony becomes more problematic when you feel something aching in your head right after waking up in your bedroom. You often feel nauseous as if there is something in your stomach that wants to come out from your mouth.

For me, a friend recommended me with a basic product, called Pedialyte, it is a pediatric fluid electrolyte that is effective for treating hangover symptoms. This is a 500 ml drink that has different sizes when you buy it in your nearest drugstore. There are a variety of sizes that you can choose, but I opted to get the 500 ml bottle because I might not drink it all. the contents of that bottle. Nevertheless, I am still very positive about feeling better after several hours from waking up.

Me drinking Pedialite to relieve hangover
5 Best Hangover Remedies with Pedialite

1. Drink warm water: The best thing to do while waking up in the morning is to drink warm water. Aside from warm water, you can adjust the temperature if you want to drink slightly hotter water. The main rationale is to activate your organs, tissues, and cells to start functioning properly to start the day full of energy. Avoid drinking cold water as it continues to cause constriction to the blood vessel, thereby depleting the spaces for the blood flow.

2. Either drink the half of full 500 ml bottle of Pedialite: This bottle contains essential minerals and vitamins that can nourish your body. When a person is suffering from a Hangover, it signifies that their body lost at least 5% of the total water content. Pedialite contains essential electrolytes that replace lost nutrients in the body that are commonly found in the digestive system. Examples are potassium, sodium, glucose, vitamin B complex and other important nutrients in the body.

3. Eat your breakfast: It is always important to eat something upon waking up in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because our body needs essential nutrients, carbohydrates, and protein to nourish the cells, tissues, and organs in our system. Breakfast helps your soft tissues to absorb glucose that can break it down into energy. When the body synthesizes the glucose into a form of energy, it can generate mobility for the cellular structures. The nutrients will nourish the nerve cells and other cellular structures of the brain to function normally.

4. Have a warm Shower: Waking up in the morning with a hangover will have a noticeable smell in your body. The smell of alcohol stench is obviously causing a discomfort, prompting yourself to proceed to the comfort room and take a shower. Take note when taking a shower that you should use warm water because the rationale is to help dilate the blood vessels all over the body. Taking a cold shower while suffering from a hangover might cause your blood vessels to constrict, prolonging the agony of pain in your head.

5. Take Vitamin B-Complex: Vitamin B-Complex energizes your body, allowing the smooth muscles to synthesize and starts to function properly. This nutrient helps boosts your brain's nerve transmission by stimulating the smooth muscles in the brain. As an effect, any irritation or inflammation decreases in the brain that relieves any pain sensation. The effect of Vitamin B-Complex helps to normalize the brain from dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

So here are my helpful tips to relieve hangover. This article is helpful for occassional and heavy drinkers who are suffering from hangover on a repeated basis. Hope you guys learned something new after reading this article.

Friday, February 15, 2019

5 TIPS | How to correctly use Kojic Whitening Soap for your face and body

Many of us are not aware of how to correctly use a soap whenever they are using a whitening soap. One main reason is the procedure. I observe that when you use a certain soap, the effect becomes clear when you rinse it on a longer basis whenever washing your face. No wonder there are people who say that whitening soaps does not guarantee that the claims will have a significant effect on your skin.

In this blog, I will show you how to correctly apply Kojic whitening soap by Kojie-San. This soap is definitely worth the price. Each white box contains at least two orange soap that has a tag price of Php 50. The price is relatively cheap enough for two soaps that you can consume at least one month. This soap is definitely a budget-efficient whitening material to eliminate blemishes on your skin. You can easily buy this soap at your nearby supermarket, drugstore, department stores, and in Watsons.

Me using Kojic Soap

5 Tips on How to correctly use Kojic Whitening Soap for your face and body

1. Use it on a religious basis: As an avid user of Kojic product, using this particular soap needs consistency. As a person who wants to restore your skin back to its youthful glow, it is best to use it for at least twice a day. I recommend that you can use this soap as your official bath soap and no other else. You will notice that after two weeks, there is a noticeable change in your complexion. The best time is before going out in the morning and before sleeping in the evening.

2. Rinse it at least two minutes: One of the benefits of using Kojic is to eliminate the presence of melanocytes in your skin when you will continuously rinse it for a longer period of time. People who are complaining do not usually rinse their face or body for at least two minutes. Rinse vigorously all over your face, neck, and upper chest if possible while you are pampering yourself before doing your errands for the day. Best results come if you take it longer with patience and perseverance.

3. Use it not only on face: Most Kojic users only apply it to their face. The effect of using it only to the facial area can only have a visible change in that particular part of the body. Uneven skin tone is always a concern when using a powerful whitening soap due to its brightening effects to that particular part of the body. The main goal in this particular 3rd tip is to promote even skin tone that makes everyone glowing from their face, neck and through their upper chest. These are the parts that receive the most sunlight exposure during the daytime, especially outdoors.

4. Moisturizer aims to replenish your skin: Kojic acid is beneficial to the skin due to the ability to lessen the concentration of melanin that causes darker skin shade. The other undesirable effect is the irritation due to the acid content of the Kojic. Application of moisturizer is important as a way to replenish the skin from any risk of dryness that results in irritation. Moisturizer seeks to improve the collagen and elastin integrity of an individual helps the skin to look brighter.

5. Use whitening cream: Two is always better than one. If you think that using Kojic soap can further brighten your skin, using whitening cream makes the effect stronger. For example, after washing your face using Kojic soap, it is best to use a whitening cream of your choice to further balance the glow of your skin and creates a better radiance. You can use any brand that you want, for as long as there is a significant effect on your skin.

So, guys, this would be for my review on how to correctly use Kojic soap. Remember to consider all parts of your body to feel the overall effects.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

This is the Cleaner Manila Bay after the initial Rehabilitation

When you say Manila Bay, this is the famous Bay that Metro Manila always passes through the Roxas Boulevard. Before, many people just ignore the Baywalk while traversing the Roxas Boulevard in the capital city of Manila. In recent events, President Rodrigo Duterte announced to rehabilitate Manila Bay area as part of his campaign to make the Philippines safe and a cleaner place to stay. Now, Manila Bay has a new look that is now generating an instant attraction.

As I went to Manila Bay, I noticed something new. I saw a shore that has no garbage on it along the stretch of the Manila Bay on its east side along the Roxas Boulevard. That time became a surreal moment for me as I became ecstatic on how the City government of Manila is now keeping the Roxas Boulevard to look more appealing to all passers-by. I guess this is the first time that the local government units decided to make Manila Bay cleaner and to give more attracting aura to the public.

Me at the Manila Bay
As I arrived in Manila when I stomped into one of our local bus terminals, we took a rest for at least an hour before heading towards the Roxas Boulevard. And when I stepped into that Baywalk, I immediately went to the concrete platform and then saw the boulders protecting the wall. I became excited to escape from that concrete barrier and stepped to the rocks down towards the sand. I felt that surreal moment as I took a video and started to capture some of the colorful lights from the skyscrapers and the calm waters of Manila Bay.

One thing that I observed was when people wear jackets in a hot and humid area. I came to realize that it was the first week of February that day, which is one of the coldest dates in the year. From November to March, the northern Philippines experiences cold and dry weather due to the influence of Siberian winds from the north that goes down towards the West Pacific basin. I was also surprised to feel that it was indeed cold at that time when I arrived in Manila at 4:30 in the morning. People around me seems to be wearing jackets until the morning sun came through the horizon.

When I got into Roxas Boulevard, I really don't know how to start my vlog. My introduction, my main body, and conclusion. I immediately turned my camera on and started filming because we only have a few minutes to spend in that cold and slightly dark boulevard. I saw a few people who are taking their respective selfies to capture a special moment with their partners. Families start to gather in the area and some vendors are preparing them merchandise to sell their products.

I immediately stepped into the concrete barrier and then stepped into the huge boulders that act as protectors from the raging tides. When I get back on the shore, I realized that it was indeed clean. Well, I knew for a fact that a few inches away from the shore over the waters lies hidden rubbish of garbage submerged underwater.

While experiencing the surreal ambiance, I continued my video recordings while standing on the thin sandy shore of the beach as I document myself. After a few seconds, I return to the Baywalk, documented another clips to close the whole story and then closed the camera. Then I went to Makati to fix some papers.

A day after that visit to the Manila Bay, the local government units restricted any individual from approaching the shores of that area due to the threat of health. I was lucky enough to be there even for a few moment.

Did you love my story?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How our memory works?

Do you want to know more about memory? this is all about how our brain works especially when it is going to absorb new facts from the outside environment. Memory is one of the mysterious parts of our body because it contains numerous undiscovered functions that have not yet been explored by scientists.

How memory works?

Memory utilize cognitive strengths that will be essential to maintain the integrity of recalling short term and long term memories of a certain event, issue, or a personality. The purpose of memory is to create an alternative model that will correspond to the theory of multi-store model that will allow an organized structure of defining memories. Storage information was considered by many as the process of having the capacity to recall all past events that will provide different point of view regarding the study and exploration of memory. The memory have complex intellectual structures as a form of general performance improvement of a mind that contains active set of processes that can store set of ideas, observation, and perspectives about a certain issue or set of facts. As an example, when a person will try to recall previous events, the function of the working memory will be activated wherein the extent of memory will have to be encoded in a certain part of storage space in the brain that can be used for long term memory.

Three stages of memory. 

1. Encoding: This is referred as the registration is a process where there will be information that is going to be absorbed by the brain. In this process, the brain's memory is going to allocate memory receptors that welcome information to be stored. So if we learn by reading, our memory starts to pick up each word that we read.

2. Storage: Memory helps a certain memory to create a permanent record of the encoded information. It utilizes both short and long term memory to help the brain to preserve the information to be used in a personal manner. Our memory 

3. Retrieval: The third state of memory process allows the brain to call back on all previously stored information will be enhanced that is a response with the brain's cue or use in a process of activity.

Memory process

The stimulus is a memory process that has been indulged from the past by using different emotions and scenarios that could help to trigger new insight to be stored. Encoding information with images allows the mind to formulate visual representation of photographic scenario in order to recall and remember experiences and visualize past activities that can be referred as the masking decay process. After it has been processed, the displacement interference decay allows the memory to maximize short and long term memory, which talks about the importance of memory that can be helping the mind to process all relevant information to accomplish certain tasks. 

The process of forgetting memory is also discussed and expressed, which is dealing with the functionality of new experiences that can help to promote the justification of memory in real life. Memory is a reconstructed scenario, which helps to improve the value of trust and dignity so that the procedure that can be related with the memory analysis can be executed effectively. An example is about learning or recalling on what was your first pet at home, or how to get to work that are being frequently asked by other individuals. You can answer questions by simply remembering them in order to perceive a productive task.

Long and short term memory

The short term memory is responsible for storing information that is being kept on a short term basis. This includes recalling past events or activities between 3 to 6 months. On the other hand, the long term memory is going to store information that are needed for the person to have more time to repeat such issues that is needed for its routine regeneration activities. Long-term memory can be always recalled longer than six months. Short and long term memories both correlates with each other for the reason that it has the capability to accomplish tasks that can enhance brain pattern activity that will be processed on a regular basis.

Monday, January 20, 2014

How to protect our face from wind burns

What is windburn? this is a medical condition when the skin is exposed to UV exposure even in a cold environment. Windburn is similar with that of sunburn even if it is cold. Windburn is common in cool and dry season when the skin gets dry due to the chilling effects of the cold wind. When exposed to UV rays from the sun on daytime, the skin starts to get burned. People are unaware that windburn can destroy their face due to extreme exposure to sun radiation, which is common during winter season.

Effects of windburn to our skin

1. Causes burns to our epidermis: Our epidermis is the most exposed part of the skin. In this case, it significantly affects the topmost layer when it is exposed to UV radiation. When the skin gets burned, there would be darker and scaly conditions, which could become visible in our face due to the harsh conditions of the environment every time a person goes to a very cold place.

2. Destroys facial integrity: when we get windburn, our face become visually undesirable to others. It is because windburn is considered as blemishes when it occurs on the face, making it embarrassing to other individuals. Windburn destroys the structure of the face especially when the person is strictly taking care of their face at all times.

3. Prone to infection: Windburn penetrates epidermis and sometimes through the subcutaneous layer of the skin. It will then allow external environment to easily penetrate the skin's inner layer where it can integrate pathogens that might cause infection inside the skin. As a result, some windburn could develop pus formation as it allows white blood cells to secrete mucus into the affected part of the skin, which contaminates cells and tissues.

4. Tenderness or pain on the affected area: Windburn triggers sensation response because the affected part can reach the nerve endings of the skin. If this happens, it triggers sensation mechanism allowing the person to feel the impact of their skin's destructive capacity made by windburn. Pain continuous as the impact still surfaces on the epidermis or even the dermis layer containing nerve endings until the skin gets regenerated after few days.

5. Creates scar: Our face is always vulnerable to infection, impurities, and trauma that is why it always leaves behind marks that could last for a lifetime. People who keeps on scratching their face when they are suffering from windburn would likely to suffer scar formation all across their face. This is the reason why some of our friends shows significant signs of scratch marks on their face.

6. Dryness on the skin: Windburn can cause dryness to our skin not only to the face but also to our body. When this particular condition occurs, we expect that there is a significant damage that can be attributed with our skin's integrity. Dryness allows our skin to be vulnerable to abrasion, trauma, and other injuries that would lead to infection and scaring.

Protecting our face from windburn

1. Always put moisturizer: It is always essential that we put moisturizer on our face. The reason behind is that it helps to nourish our face with moisture so that it helps to prevent dryness that might cause irritation that will lead to windburn. Applying moisturizer at least 3 time a day would allow our skin to prevent its pores from being clogged.

2. Wash our body with warm water: During cold weather, our skin's pores are always constricted for the reason that the cold environment allows the pores to get tightened. This is an autonomic response of our body to prevent itself from allowing cold to enter our body as a regulatory response. However, we still need warm water in order for our skin's pores to become relaxed and prevents dryness.

3. Wear protective clothing: Thick clothes helps our body to prevent it from hyppthermia but our skin is still exposed to cold environment that makes it to become stressed. Clothing provides additional heat sensation that will help our body to become more resistant to dryness from infection. Whenever our skin becomes cold protected, it can help itself fight windburn.

4. Apply hydrocortisone: When moisturizer does not have an impact with your skin when you feel that windburn is now imminent, it is the time to apply this over the counter topical solution. This is to help the skin to regenerate and prevent any untoward irritation from happening. Hydrocostisone helps the skin to become dry and prone to allergens even if it is exposed to UV rays from the sun combined with cold temperature.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

What are the effects of Acupuncture to our beauty and health?

Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is one of the oldest medical practice in the world originated in China. TCM is an alternative medicine that can be integrated or applied separately by a patient suffering from a disease. The disease that can be chosen can be either skin disease or pediatric disease. Acupuncture is a type of treatment used for TCM that aims to alleviate signs and symptoms of distress. Acupuncture is a part of TCM, which provides a therapeutic impact on a person's health and wellness.

It is because it utilizes Ying Tang approach or the impulse between the positive and negative vibes that affects the health of a person suffering from an ailment. 

Effects of Acupuncture to the skin and body

This particular treatment has been going on for more several thousands of years when ancient Chinese doctors discovered that puncturing specific body parts provides a solution to improve the health and wellness of a patient. In contrast, Acupuncture is only limited to the application of puncture using needles in order to allow the body to experience a significant decrease with a certain disease. Acupuncture can be applied all over the body because it aims to provide therapeutic impact on the body of an individual's physiological status to normalize. Unlike other TCM therapies that are only limited to a certain part of the body because there is a harmful impact that can be applied if there is too much application of other TCM.

The effects of acupuncture help the skins to regenerate as it helps the skin cells to be rejuvenated. The impact can be long term because it helps to reduce fine lines, visible scars, as well as allergies. In this case, the skin will look more smooth that can help to appear younger and soft to touch than before. Acupuncture can help promote homeopathic activation response to the body, which can help cells to be signaled with the stimulus, which can help to promote the immune system to drive away pathogens. Free radicals all over the body can be also removed for the reason that the impact of acupuncture can significantly help to increase all kinds of antigens to fight against bad products or toxins that are responsible for causing diseases to our body. 

Application of Acupuncture

Acupressure is a TCM treatment that utilizes pressure to be applied to any part of the body depending on the orders of the therapist. Acupressure helps to solve dependencies provided by western medicines that heavily rely on taking oral medications. The purpose of acupressure is to apply pressure to the patient's affected body part so that their health and wellness improves along with the integration of modern medicine to their body. The pressure points provide two different faces of acupuncture treatment such as the application of positive and negative forces needed by the body to balance its health continuum. 

Acupressure has been used by traditional Chinese doctors to ensure that ancient Chinese during ancient times to promote their health and prevent further complications of their disease. In contrast, acupressure is applied using pressure points that is different from the application of acupuncture and other alternative such as the application of other known TCM. Application of pressure has a limited time to be applied because it causes trauma to a certain part of the body being inflicted with intense pressure to circulate the blood. Acupressure is easier to be applied than the application of acupuncture and other traditional medicine because it only needs pressure points to clear out the system. 

Significance of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is in clinical medicine provides another significant method to cure or treat diseases that affect the physiology of the body. Although there was limited use of modern scientific method, Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective practice of alleviating symptoms that is why it has existed for several thousands of years. This includes acupressure and acupuncture, which have similar intent to the human body because it helps to promote optimum human functioning in order to harmonize the body against medical diseases. More and more cultures from other parts of the world are opting to use acupuncture for the reason that it provides a new breakthrough to help decrease signs and symptoms of several diseases. 

Acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine covers more alternative methods aside from acupressure and acupuncture because there are more similar methods that aim to strengthen the body's immune system from infection. Acupuncture therapy is considered to be as a painless and non-invasive procedure as compared with modern medicine that manages to employ surgical procedures that can bring potential health risks. In addition, Acupuncture is considered an alternative to modern medical treatments that were not that effective to treat a certain type of disease.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The benefits of ice to your skin

Ice from refrigerator
Ice refers to a liquid that has been frozen for some time that makes it into a solid matter when the temperature reaches down to at least zero degrees Celsius. The usual color of ice is opaque and whitish in color but it can appear to many forms of color depending on the composition of the liquid that has been mixed with impurities. This includes brownish when it is mixed with soil, blackish when mixed with chemicals, and reddish if it is mixed with soil rich in oxidized iron. Ice is commonly found in polar areas where the temperature is always at its freezing.

Ice can be utilized as a beneficial material to the body. This is only applied on acertain amountsas well as exposing it ti any body surface to to a certain period of time. There are several spa around the world who are using ice as one of their therapeutic interventions to help the skin rejuvenate and beautify. The main active mechanism of ice is about its temperature that helps to provide therapeutic impact to a person's skin and body. This pertains to ice cubes that are stored in a clean and secured place for skin use. These are ice cubes that have smooth surfaces and not just other ordinary ices with sharp edges that can potentially cause injury to the skin.

Benefits of ice to your skin

1. Closes pores: Ice is an effective constricting agent for the reason that it helps the pores of the skin to become tightened for several hours since its application. This is recommended for individuals who are planning to go outside to initially apply ice on their face so that they will not suddenly experience oily surfaces across the body. This includes the face, back, chest, neck, and hands. Ice is commonly applied on the face because it is the part of the body where it is the most exposed to the environment. Putting ice on the surface of the face helps to decrease oil formation as a mechanism to prolong the freshness of the face that can run for several hours.

2. Moisturizes the skin: Ice is an effective moisturizer on the skin because it is a frozen liquid, which acts as a replenishing agent to the skin. It means that the skin can prevent itself from becoming dry, which is a dramatic impact that improves its texture. The hard surface of the ice melts when it gets contact with wthe armer or hotter skin surface, which can be absorbed by the skin during its exposure. The water that is now being absorbed by the skin helps to fill in with the gaps of cells needing moisture in order to be regenerated. When the skin is moisturized, it can fasten its regeneration process by changing dead cells to new cells, which makes itself to be more radiant and supple.

3. Exercises blood vessels on the skin: The constricting effects of freezing temperature applied on a certain area of the skin surface automatically creates an impact to all affected cells and tissues. This creates a chain reaction just beneath the skin's dermis and subcutaneous layer that produces movements not only with the blood vessel alone but also surrounding fat and muscle layers of the skin in a localized manner. This impact could generate blood flow as the cooling effect of the ice can only be just applied for at least 1-2 seconds as it pass through different parts of the skin that allows other cells, tissues, and organs to be experiencing the same effect.

4. Releases stored energy: Our skin's subcutaneous layer stores fat inside the skin. In this case, fat deposits can be transformed into energy when it will by synthesized by the muscle through ca onstriction. It is not true that fat may further harden inside muscle fibers for the reason that the application of ice can only last for a short period that only allows chain reaction by moving the muscle fiber together in order to improve the integrity of the skin. When energy is released, nutrients can further support the skin's integrity by being nourished by the red blood cells passing through the skin layers to provide another oxygen nourishment.

5. Increases skin metabolism: There are different hormones that are being stored inside the skin. When ice is applied to sthe kin surface, it improves the skin metabolism by allowing healthy elements to be helping the skin to regenerate itself. Hormones needs activating factor such as the cool temperature mechanism produced by the ice so that the chain reaction such as the initiation of muscle fiber movement allows hormones to work properly across the skin. When metabolism is activated when the ice is applied on the skin, all cells, tissues, and other organs can absorb the nutrients due to the stimulating mechanism of the temperature whenever the ice is applied to the surface of the skin.

6. Decreases allergy: Rashes all across the skin can be relieved by applying ice on the surface of the affected area. The rationale is that the soothing effect brought about by the cool temperature of the ice constricts muscles, fibers, and blood vessels in the affected area that aims to decrease the amount of prostaglandin, which is responsible for causing redness and irritation of the skin. The constricting mechanism made by the temperature of the ice can drive away neutrophils and histamine, which is responsible for causing an allergic reaction to the skin's affected area.

7. Stops bleeding: When a person is suffering from mild bleeding that is manifested by having a shallow abrasion or cut to the affected part, using ice can be one of the best applicator to stop bleeding. Ice is placed only when the bleeding part is covered with bandage so that the melting surface of the ice will not reach the affected part of the bleeding skin, which could further cause more contamination of the skin. The reason behind is that it helps to constrict injured blood vessel so that there will be no more blood to gush out to the surface of the skin.

8. Soothes burns and burning sensation: Ice is always recommended for patients suffering from an injury due to trauma to their affected part to place ice on it. The reason behind is that ice can help to counteract against the sensation made by the injured nerves caused by an injury. Whenever the ice is applied to the injured but with no bleeding, the irritation can be relieved minutes after the ice have already been applied to the affected part of the body or the skin. This will decrease the level of the pain threshold, which is causing the person to lose its sense of having a comfortable environment due to the presence of injury to their part of the body.

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